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Monday, May 19, 2008

Nuha's tag

Sorry, nuha.. i'm late for posting the tag.. huhu..
Here it comes..

5 presents that i want?
-exclusive car
-big amount of money
-hand phone
-lap top
-camera (yg lama sudah rosak ma..)

5 impressions to the one I admire?
(there are more actually. However, the most i admire is of course our prophet Muhammad s.a.w. His attitude and behaviors has been impressed many people..!!)

5 greatest inventions?
-stethoscope (hakhak bajet nih..)
-microscope (nih pon.. hakhak)
-lap top
-wireless internet ~ connecting people..

5 most hated:
erm..what arh??
-ha..! banana that had been pressed and squeezed by the boys which were the same group with me during the orientation week in INTEC. It was the explore race time. and at that time, the girls had to eat all the bananas that were squeezed by hands of the boys without washing their hands first..!! (kakak yg jaga checkpoint tu x bagi pon kalau ada yg nak basuh..). uweekk!! x lalu nak makan tau x.. when i see the banana in the bowl, i wanted to puke. errr.. yakk!! fobia nak makan pisang lenyek.. heeeeee...!!! sorry friends, all of you had to finish it up. i really being hesitate becoz i didn't even touch it. Seriously, i couldn't even look at the squeezed , soft, watered, moist banana.. ueeeuuuuu...!!! really2 hate it..!!
-in the situation of dilemma.. (fana, ingat x..kite dilema pasal ape?? hakhak)
-failed in something
-waiting..!! really2 hate it. why most of the Malaysians cannot be punctual ek?? erm..

who i wanna tag?
sape ek??
erm, tu jela..

okeyh.. beres..!!