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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Medical Students' Paths


It had been quite a long time i didn't update my blog. I was quite busy with the exams lately. And now all the first exams have finished. And starting from now, I have to prepare for the next second exam. Huhu.. Pray for us.. ^_~

I bet it is not too late for me to congratulate all the SPMians 2008 including my sister who got 10 1As n 2 2As. Hehe.. Congrat!! Even though someone said that u couldn't challange me with ur result but actually u've already challenged me before you got ur SPM result. Why? Coz when i know u were the one who have been accepted into Darul Qur'an, frankly i said i was very jealous. Huhu.. But i know.. Allah has arranged something better for me and you.. Insyaallah.. Anyway, all the best for ur MARA interview.. ^_~

26th February 2009.. I have lived in this world nearly for 2 decades. I'm 19 now. Huhu.. "Hope that i become more matured.." (my friends' wish for me..) Anyway, thank you for the surprise.. Really appreciate it.. Special thanks for my family. Especially for my parents.. Without both of you i wish i don't know who i am right now. Miss to be at home so much..!! (homesick uh..??)


Smart right?? Heheh.. i got it from my cousin. But yet, before we can go deeper in our future careers we have to excel in our studies first.. Yeah..!! 5 more years to go!! Don't give up coz when Allah has given us a chance to study medicine, that means we have the ability to go through this medical students' path.. Insyaallah.. (Same with all courses actually.. ^_~) Keyh, have to go back to bookss.. huhu..

p/s: Anyway, the post about Jelajah Jordan 4 n 5, maybe i'll only upload the photos with little discription about the photos.. Insyaallah..