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Friday, December 12, 2008

Chemical Bonding

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I have postponed many time to update my blog. It was because of my hectic life + laziness of myself. However, this night I'll update this blog as the holiday will be over for a day more and I'll have Chemistry exam next week and this will make my life more hectic than before.

Let we start the topic..

"Sodium is explosive and Chlorine is harmful. But, when the two of them gathered forming a bond between them it will produce a peaceful molecule, that is sodium chloride. Subhanallah.." said Dr. Mahmoud Hammouri, my Chemistry lecturer when he taught us about chemical bonding.

Once he said like that, I started to think about the moral behind Allah's creation, that is chemical bond.

First, ionic bond=the electrostatic force that holds ions together in an ionic compound. We take sodium chloride as an example.
  1. Sodium has one valence electron while Chlorine has seven valence electron. (Try to imagine, the electron is our prosperity or wealth)
  2. To achieve stability or in the science language we call as octet electron arrangement, Sodium has to donate its one electron to Chlorine. (Stability/octet electron arrangement=Life stability) -Sodium has had stable life with one excess wealth. So, it donates its wealth to Chlorine which needs one more wealth to achieve the stability of life-
  3. This will form a bond between them after the process of donation and acceptance of electron. We call this as ionic bond. (Bond=Ukhuwwah)
Second, covalent bond=a bond in which two electrons are shared by two atoms. We take Hydrogen gas for example.
  1. Hydrogen has one electron. (Electron=Prosperity or wealth)
  2. To achieve stability or duplet electron arrangement, the two hydrogen atoms need to share its electron between them. Because both of the hydrogen atoms need one more electrons, they share their electrons in order to achieve stability. (Stability or duplet electron arrangement=Life stability)
  3. This will form a bond between them because of the sharing electrons. We call this as covalent bond. (Bond=Ukhuwwah)
Look. Even in the atoms Allah shows us how to live in a peaceful life with the strength of ukhuwwah. May this post will make us think more about Allah's creation. Insyaallah.

Last but not least, I think it is not too late to wish all of the readers Salam Aidil Adha!!
Mari bersama-sama kita menjejak RUH PENGORBANAN!! -Berkorban demi Ukhuwwah-