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Friday, July 21, 2017



Untuk apa
Pada siapa
Bila perlunya
Bagaimana hasilnya

Tanya pada diri
Setelah lama menyepi

1. Bosan
2. Nak travel please. Jepun saya datang! Ensyaallah.

Monday, April 11, 2016





not writing since 8 months ago.
still breathing though.

And hey,
I finished peads and ortho posting.
Enjoyed these two postings and
discharged safely.

Going to stressful surgical though.
But as usual,
Enjoy the present holiday!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Trauma and Emergency Elective #4 + Medical Posting~


*Elective time during medical student*

"Dr, em kami nak tag dengan doktor boleh?"
"Oh ok. No problem."
"Jom ambil darah new patient."

Unfortunately, the veins were not that obvious.

*scratching head*

"Cuba rasa and tekan-tekan. Try to find the bouncy part."
"Tapi tak nampaaakkk..."
"Memanglaaa... Tak semua vein nampak maa.. Kalau semua vein macam yours and I senanglaa.."


Ending up he's taking the blood.

"Balik, pejam mata, feel your own vein. Remember the feeling."


Now, I'm very thankful to Dr K for the teaching.
Just feel the bouncy thingy and poke!
No need to see the vein. ^_^

Making my time for taking blood shorter!

Dear, medical posting.

You're interesting with knowledge.
and I really learn a lot from you.

Manage patients and decide the proper management
Do work faster and know the priority
Do some procedures
You teach me all of that.

But you give me too much workload
which I'm thinking twice to have
further relationship with you.

Honestly, I enjoyed being with you.
Even though at first I just want to give you up
Especially when you put me on too much workload
without off for a month. -.-"

Hoping we can enjoy the left moment together happily!
Medical posting, discharge me safely please!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bukan Kita~


Bukan kita yang memilih takdir
Takdirlah yang memilih kita

takdir bagaikan angin
bagi seorang pemanah

Kita selalu harus mencoba
untuk membidik dan melesatkannya
Di saat yang paling tepat

-Salahuddin al-Ayyubi-

Bila terbaca ini, teringat ada orang pernah tanya,
"Menyesal tak jadi doktor?"


Teruskan perjuangan! Yosh!

Group of mine in Obs Gyne posting!~

Alhmdulillah, posting Obs gyne hampir tamat.
Banyak sebenarnya scenes menarik.
Cuma tak sempat dilakarkan di sini.

Lepas ni medical! Doakan!

Monday, November 10, 2014

HO Posting!~


Got my housemanship posting after 6 months relaxing.
So.. It's time to workout on medical stuffs I guess.
May Allah give us strength to be a help for others and ourselves.

Pray for us!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Medical Mission in Sabah~


Salam, guys!

First, I'll update some story of me and then I'll write a little bit about the topic written above.

I have done my SPA interview on the 3rd Sept. It's a very unprepared interview. But it's running smoothly as the interviewers were very benign and cool. =p About 2 hours later, all of us got our confirmation letter as a medical officer UD41. So now, we are waiting for the placement and PTM course. I'm not sure it'll be either in October or December. The faster the better. But still I'm not prepared yet. -.-"

On 13/9 -16/9 I have been on a medical mission in Sabah. It's organised under HALUAN (one of the NGOs) collaboration with Ministry of Rural and Regional Development.

Well I'm not intended to write a report. So I'll juz tell you what I've got.

Kg. Semuning

I was actually given a task for preparing and arranging the medications. But since there is someone which I thought would do better than me, I left that part to him (he's Medical Assistant) solely and helped the doctors taking the immunization history. Well, of course the immunization program for every country could be different. And for Jordan and Malaysia there's a little bit different. So at first, I was quite slow in taking the history. Actually there's some mistakes I have done in ticking the immunization paper =p But doctors there corrected it. After a few patients, I became faster. Well as people said, practice makes perfect.

The result, only a few of parents were quite educated about vaccination. Some of them never had their children vaccinated. Well, who's responsible for making this community aware about the importance of vaccination? Hmmm...
Also, some of them I can't understand their language and of course they can't understand me. Sometimes I have to change my slang to Sabahans' to make them understand what I'm talking. This I was able to do after listening many times to how they speak. But of course not that fluent.

Adult session was after the children session which also after we had our lunch and zohr prayer. For this session I was asked to measure the patients' blood pressure which is really easy because we used the digital sphygmomanometer. Actually the manual one is more accurate. And I was hoping to practice the manual one. But maybe it's easier to carry and handle they use the digital one. So I just go with the flow. Most of them have normal blood pressure. Only one or two were taking high blood pressure meds.

Finished my task, I went to the medications table to see if there's anything to help. And it's a mess there! Why? Because too many people were claiming for their meds prescription and only a person there distributing.  I felt guilty because actually my post was there helping to distribute the meds. It seemed easy. But actually for someone who've never been learn pharmacology can't give a help. At first, when I try to help me too was blurred with the doctors' writings and got confused with some abbreviations used. Also there's some meds written with generic name and i didn't know what was it. So, I asked a lot to the Medical Assistant who had been in charge for the meds since the morning. From him, I learnt the drugs name and confirmed the abbs used. Thanks to him.

After having our energy extracted, we have been fed with sumptuous seafood as our dinner. Also we got ourselves refresh and rest in a 3 to 5 star resort. (I don't know how many star because we are sponsored. =p)

Kg. Tagupi

Our team and some of the volunteers at Kg Tagupi

The next day, we offed to Kg. Tagupi. It took about 2 hours from the resort. The road there is not fully tarred. So we have about half an hour the journey of riding a horse in a car. =p

Here, I put myself in medications room with the MA as yesterday he asked me to help distributing meds for this day. We started with arranging the meds on the tables so that it's easier for us to find and give them to people.

In the morning, the patients who came for the prescription were not too many. We could handle it perfectly i guess. We even have some chat about his work which he used to work the longest in emergency but now he's in Clinic 1 Malaysia. Since then I just knew that there's no doctors in that clinic. MAs are doctors there. If there's anything complex that they can't handle then they will refer the patients to Klinik Kesihatan.

But starting about 4 o'clock, the surroundings in the room started to be crowded as people worried they won't had a chance to have their meds because we would wrap up at 5. At that time I was totally busy. I mean both of us. I tried to be fair as I tried to serve for who came first. But then, I can't even differentiate because they are not in queue anymore.

At that time, there's a woman who wanted meds but she didn't see the doctor yet. So no prescription. I told her to see the doctor first but then the MA asked me to just give the meds as he afraid that the doctors had too many patients. Also the meds she wanted were (over the counter) OTC.

"Just give the meds to them especially if what they wanted were just for scabies, sinusitis and muscle sore," he said.
"Okay then," I nodded.

Finished my work, I feel like half of my energy was totally lost. Sitting in front of a plate of donut, a doctor said,

"Penat? Ini belum HO lagi. Lebih kurang lah ni kerja macam ni. Penatnya macam HO. Cuma exclude scolding ja.."
Me: Smiling without energy. =p Pheww!

I was really amazed with one of the volunteers there. She's actually from Perlis. She got married with a man from this area and lived there. I'm amazed because she's willing to live there teaching the children even though the facilities were very lacking. Sometimes there's shortage of electricity. Their main source of water's the river. And the most thing that I can't accept that they use the river as their wastage landfill. Maybe because there'll be no one who'll come and take the garbage if they gather it. But I think it's better to burn or bury it. Hoping for better awareness for them in the future.

Btw, here was the first time for me to see bakau tree in front of my eyes. Before this, I only saw them in geography book during year 3 of secondary school i guess. =p

If you could see the root like crags at the back, then that's the root of bakau tree!

Next day, we only had a few hours to shop before our flight to Kuala Lumpur. So my sister and I just do window shopping and done while others are shopping till drop. =p It's because a few weeks before my father went to sabah too and bought some dried fish and squid and some traditional snacks.

p/s 1: Yeay! Done the writings after being postponed many times. =p
p/s 2: Yesterday got a pic with the famous author and got his autograph! Hehe..
p/s 3: Suggested movie: The Flu.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paris, France 2010~


Ini saya lepaskan dari draft. Perjalanan ke Paris, France tahun 2010. Sepatutnya ada sambungan ke Brussels. Tapi, tak sempat habis dan tak berapa nak ingat dah sekarang. Haha..

Di Larnaca Airport. Transit on the way nak ke France. Saya, Intan dan Fad tengah duduk-duduk sambil tunggu waktu pintu boarding buka.

Pak Cik Cina: Hello.
Kami: Hello.
Pak Cik Cina: Orang Malaysia ka?
Saya: *angkat muka pandang pak cina dengan sungguh tergamam*
Fad: Haaaa...??? *tak sangka ada orang boleh cakap Melayu kat sini*
Intan: Eh?? Aah... Malaysia juga ke?
Pak Cina: Yelaa.. Malaysia laa.. Saya mahu ke Athens. Kerja maa..
Kami: Ooohhh..
Pak Cik Cina: Tiga orang saja ka..??
Kami: Errr.. Tak lah. Ada lagi dua orang.
Pak Cik Cina: Mana..??
Kami: Tu.. *sambil menunjuk ke arah muraqib*
Pak Cik Cina: Ohh.. Napa jauh-jauh..??
Kami: Errr.. Emm.. Bodyguard.
Pak Cik Cina: Ohh.. (Dalam hati pelik kot. haha..)

Les Gressilons, France. 19 Jun 2010. 9.00 a.m. Stesen minyak.

Saya: Hello. Excuse me, sir.
Pak Cik France: Hello.
Saya dan Intan: Can you speak English?
Pak Cik France: Yes..Yes.. May I help you?
Saya: When the station will be opened?
Pak Cik France: It's not opened yet? It should be opened now. It's already 9.15.
*Saya, Intan dan Pak Cik France senyap sambil berfikir*
Pak Cik France: Ok. I'll bring you to another station. It's quite far from here. So, i'll drive my car. Alright?
Saya dan Intan pandang sesama sendiri. Dalam hati masing-masing nacam tertanya-tanya boleh percaya ke pak cik ni. Hmm..
Saya: Boleh kot..
Intan: Hmm.. But we are five. Is it alright with you?
Pak Cik France: No problem. My car is big. Look. *sambil menunjukkan kereta MPV kot*
Intan: Alright. I'll call the others.

Kami berlari-lari anak untuk memanggil yang lain. Kemudian Pak Cik France menghantar ke stesen Metro yang dikatakannya. Al7amdulillah. Thanx a lot pak cik!

Musee De Lourve, France. 19 Jun 2010. Baru lepas tengok potret Mona Lisa.

Pak Cik Budi Firdaus: Assalamu3aleykum.
Saya,Intan dan Fad: Waalaikumussalam.
Pak Cik Budi: Indonesia atau Malaysia?
Kami: Malaysia. *senyum*
Pak Cik Budi Firdaus: Oh dari Malaysia melancong ke France?
Kami: Eh. Tak. Kitorang belajar kat Jordan. Sekarang cuti. So, jalan-jalan lah kat sini. Hehe..
Pak Cik Budi Firdaus: Oh. Dari Jordan. Belajar apa ya?
Kami: Perubatan..
Pak Cik Budi Firdaus: Oooo.. Ermmm.. Dari surga ke dunia ya?
Kami: Errkkk..!! *sengih sambil terasa sendiri*
Pak Cik Firdaus: Ok lah. jalan dulu yaa.. Assalamu3alaikum.
Kami: Wa3aleykumussalam.

Terngiang-ngiang kata2 pak cik tu. "Dari surga ke dunia ya?" Hati saya:'Err.. tak salah kot nak meluaskan pandangan dengan pergi ke tempat2 lain. yang baik jadi teladan. Yang buruk tinggalkan.'

19 Jun 2010. Sedang mencari-cari Masjid Besar Paris, France.

Mak Cik France: Bonjour... Mosqiu?? Mosqiuu?? *Dalam bahasa France* (Mak Cik tak bertudung pon. Tapi sebab dia nampak kami bertudung, terus nak tunjuk masjid kat mana. Al7amdulillah)
Kami: *Angguk*
Mak Cik tu cuba dengan sehabis baik menerangkan kat mana masjid tu. Tapi kami tak faham sebab dia guna bahasa France. Bila dia tengok muka kami blurr.. maka.. body language is da choice! Haha.. Thanx mak cik!

Stesen Metro. 19 Jun 2010. Baru lepas tengok Eiffel Tower. Malam.

Sebenarnya, waktu ni tengah menikmati kelegaan sebab sebelum ni, stesen RER yang dekat dengan hotel dah tutup lebih kurang pukul 11.30 or 12.00 mlm. Dengan segera terus berlari-lari ke stesen Metro yang akan tutup pukul 1.30 pagi. Masa tu, pukul 12.30 kalau tak silap.

Ada jodoh lagi dengan Pak cik Budi. Sembang-sembang sikit. Pastu nak tangkap gambar kenangan. Masa saya, Intan dan Fad nak tangkap gambar dengan pak cik Budi, ada orang mabuk nak ajar pak cik Budi cara posing dengan kami. Dan orang mabuk tu siap nak buat contoh dengan hampir nak pegang bahu salah seorang daripada kami. Terus muraqib dan pak cik Budi bertindak. "Pergi jauh." pesan Mr. muraqib. Kami pon apa lagi. Duduk jauh daripada orang mabuk tu. Cuak ok.. Huhu..

Stesen Metro yang pak cik France pagi tadi bawa dengan kereta. 20 Jun 2010. 1.15 pagi.

Tiada teksi atau pon bas. Jalan raya kosong sekosong-kosongnya. Meaning, we have to find our way back on our own. Macamana ni? Hmmm..

"Siapa ingat jalan yang pak cik pagi tadi bawa?"
"Errr.. tak ingat."
"Mana nak ingaaaattt."
"Emm.. ingat kot sikit-sikit. Ensyallah.."
"Ensyaallah..Ingat kot sikit. Try gune instinct."

Peta bahagian Les Gresillons tak da dalam peta Paris sebab Les Gresilons adalah kawasan outskirt. Maka, jalan lah mengikut memori-memori orang yang ingat sikit-sikit. Dalam perjalanan mencari dan meneka ternampak sepasang suami isteri tengah berjalan. Sebab tiada pilihan lain, try lah tanya pasangan tu.

As usual, the problem would be the language. They couldn't speak English. Again, body language was used.

Tanya punya tanya. Faham cuba faham. Akhirnya.. kami tak faham-faham. ^^' Dengan baik hati nya pasangan tu jalan patah balik daripada destinasi mereka semata-mata nak tunjukkan jalan. Uhuhh.. terharu. Dah la jauh ok. Mercy pak cik mak cik! Sampai hotel F1 yang kami sayangi dalam pukul 2.30 pagi.

Stesen Champ De Mars. 20 Jun 2010. Tengah tunggu train ke Versailles.

Pak Cik Melayu: Assalamu3aleykum.
Saya, Intan dan Fad: Wa3aleykumussalam. Eh.. Melayu kee.. Tak perasan..
Pak Cik Melayu: Em. Saya dah perasan dari tadi lagi. Cuma takut kalau2 Indon. Tu saya cuba dengar dulu korang punya slang..
Kami: Ohh.. Patut la..
Kawan Pak Cik Melayu: Oooooo..
Kami: *Muka blurr.. dan pelik sebab kena ajuk* Melayu juga ke ni?
Pak Cik Melayu: Ehh.. tak lah. Dia orang Lebanon. Kerja sekali dengan saya.
Kami: Kerja kat sini ke?
Pak Cik Melayu: Kat Jordan sebenarnya. Tapi ada kursus kat sini.
Kami: Jordan? Katne? Amman?
Pak Cik Melayu: Aah Amman.. Ni bercuti ke? Belajar sini?
Kami: Tak delah. Bukan belajar sini. Kitorang belaja kat Jordan gak. Tapi area Irbed. Tengah cuti sekarang. Jalan lahh.. Hehe..

Heh, sempat pulak pak cik tu dengar slang sebelum tegur. Patutlah macam pelik pak cik tu dari tadi dok lalu lalang depan kami. Rupanya nak surekan kami ni Melayu ke Indon. ^^'

p/s 1: Baru dapat tarikh interview SPA 3 Sept ini. Doakan!
p/s 2: Tengah rasa lenguh-lenguh badan akibat secara tiba-tiba bercamping 3 hari 2 malam setelah selama ini bermalas-malasan di rumah. =p
p/s 3: Esok ada talk dari Sheikh Hamzah Yusuf. Doakan abah bagi pergi sebab payah sikit abah saya ni nak lepas kalau programnya malam. Huhu..