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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Journey to Middle East..

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.

At last, after we had about 15 hours of exhausted journey, we safely arrived at the Amman airport at 9 and a half morning, Jordan time. We met the seniors there and they took us to sakan (hostel). Then, after some briefing, we were taken to the seniors' house and stayyed there for three days. Zulaikha and I was staying at Kak Liya and Kak Ziela's house which is known as Qasrul Balqis (Balqis's Catsle). Below are some pics taken during the journey.

Dubai Airport

Dubai airport chandeliar

Look..!! There was someone sleeping on the carpet.. huhu.. This was at Dubai airport.. There were many people sleeping anywhere they liked. Huhu.. weird isn't it?? The international airport was like that?? Hurmm.. Should the Dubai airport give them special places to let them lay down releasing their tiredness..??

This is the Amman airport.. KLIA is more attractive isn't it?? huhu..

Panoramas during the journey from Amman to Irbid which take about an hour and 10 minutes.What I can conclude from the view along the journey is the theme colour of Jordan is brown. Most of the buildings are brown as they are not painted. Moreover, Jordan is one of the countries that consists mostly of desert. Huhu..
To be continued..

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hikmah Hukuman bagi Orang yg Berzina

Human Immunodificiency Virus

Mengapa Islam menyuruh di sebat 100 kali bagi orang belum berkahwin yang berzina, dan merejam sehingga mati bagi org yg sudah berkahwin yang berzina?

Badan manusia akan mengeluarkan sel-sel darah putih atau antibiotik yg dapat melawan penyakit. Dan sel-sel ini terdapat di daerah tulang belakang, berdekatan dengan sum-sum tulang manusia. Lelaki yang belum berkahwin dia akan dapat mengeluarkan beribu-ribu sel ini, manakala lelaki yang sudah berkahwin hanya dapat menghasilkan 10 unit sel ini sehari, kerana antara sebabnya ialah kerana sel-sel lain akan hilang kerana perhubungan suami isteri.

Jadi apabila lelaki yang belum berkahwin didapati salah kerana zina hendaklah disebat 100 kali. Ini adalah kerana apabila dia disebat di belakangnya, suatu amaran tentang kesakitan itu akan membuatkan penghasilan beribu sel antibiotik yang dapat melawan virus HIV jika ia ada di badannya, dengan itu dapatlah antibodi melawan virus HIV itu.

Tetapi jika lelaki itu sudah berkahwin,walaupun disebat 100 kali ia akan tetap menghasilkan 10 unit antibodi sahaja, jadi dengan itu hukumannya direjam hingga mati agar dia tidak dapat merebakkan virus HIV itu.

Itulah sedikit sebanyak inti syarahan yg disampaikan oleh Dr Jamnul Azhar.

Ana copy paste artikel ini untuk kita sama-sama mengambil iktibar..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

INTEC was crying..!!

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.

Hurm.. amazing right..?? Intec was crying during our clearance process out from INTEC. Tears were rolling down the buildings' cheeks heavily. Huhu.. It was like INTEC was very sad with our leave. We had to run in the INTEC's tears and all of us was wet as we didn't bring the umbrella. Huhu.. thank you INTEC for crying because of us..

Thank you very much to the two bus drivers as they were willing to pick and send us during the clearance process from Cemara to INTEC and from INTEC to Cemara. For the readers information, the bus service was off from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. And we wanted the service at that time. After begging the two drivers, our work became easier when the drivers agreed to help us as INTEC was crying heavily at that time. Hehe..

One more thing that we realized was when we entered INTEC, there was not many students and also when we left it. What was the meaning?? haha.. my friends said that it means that INTEC was ours.. haha.. Erm.. lastly, proud being part of INTEC even though it was only about 3 months.. We will miss INTEC..!! huhu..


Program Jejak Gemilang

Several of ex-Hamidians students..

This program has been done for the first time at Dewan Tun syed nasir, Menara DBP. All MARA students who will go abroad this year has been gathered and we was motivated by many famous people. One of them was Dato' Noh Omar. All of MARA MEP students of INTEC was really exhausted as we slept late yesterday because of the grand dinner. Then, because of that, not all speech given was listened carefully. huhu.. (biasalerr.. kadang2 ada jugak terlelap). What I like about this programme is I could meet my friends from UKM and IKIP which will be studying medicine in Egypt. Huhu.. We talked about many stuff.

Last moments at INTEC 2..

14 August
Graduation day. Haven't finished our chemistry paper yet. huhu.. We graduated with the Russia and International students. MEP presented smooth melodious nasyid. Leaded by Tuan Mohammad Akmal. Active and cheerful Russia students presented their Russian song. (x paham pon..)..

15 August
Grand Dinner MEP. Just had finished the final exam test for the Jordan students. We was having dinner at Kelab al-Ehsan, Shah Alam. Started quite late and all of us ate at about 10 p.m. haha.. very hungry at that time. I filled my plate with sumptuous food with the quantity which I never had before. (banyak sangat).. huu.. However, at that night I got weird stomach because I could finish all the food I took. And I didn't feel like 'sebu'.. huhu.. (lapar sgt nie..) I was hungry since the class finishd at 4 p.m. and until that 10 p.m. my stomach still didn't get any food. Oh, poor my stomach..! huhu.. Quite fun that night but still felt something which.... erm.. don't know how to describe. The feeling was like argghh.. something weird. Something which had brought my mood down. I don't know what and I don't know why. Maybe it was because i knew it was the last moment of us together with our lecturers and our friends who will go studying in Egypt. Huhu.. Here are some pics at that awesome grand dinner..
With Ijan.. on da way to kelab al-Ehsan..

Theme grand dinner MEP: Jubah
Miss Diana n Miss Jasmin

3 Izzahs among MEPs.. huhu..

All Jordanian girls..

My Classmates

Nasyid performance

Gift for lecturers

Gift for us..(students)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last Moments at INTEC 1..

5 August 2008

I had to send MARA agreement. But, I forgot to photostate the second guarantor's identity card. And I have to get it as faster as I could before tomorrow. First, I thought it will be easy if I used the Ustazah Fathahiyyah's fax machine. However, the i.c became too black after my father sent it to me and I couldn't use the faxed i.c.. I really was in tense at that time. Feeling like wanted to scream loudly. Actually, there was another way; Ask my father to send it to me manually. But, this was the one that made me felt very guilty that I really want to release it by screaming. Really felt guilty for burdening my parents. However, that evening my parents came and they not only gave the photostated i.c I needed. They also brought me some sumptuous food. Haha.. thank you very much abah n ummi.. (Saved money today!!)

9 August 2008

~I bought my first own lap top; Dell inspiron 1420 blue in colour.


When I was stepping my foot into the cemara college, I was being a second 'celebrity' because of my late for the INPRO. Rushingly, I changed my cloth to MEP shirt (Quite a creative design I thought) and went downstairs. Here are some photos of the winners in parade competition and MEP programme. I have the videos but the process was too long tto upload them.. huhu.. sorry guys.. Maybe next time keyh..

First winner: AUSMAT

Second winner: Akasia/Cemara

Third winner: Short course program: Russia+Korea

MEP=the best among the best.. eventhough we won nothing in the parade competition..huhu..

Go go MEP!! M..E..P..!! Takbir!! Allahuakbar!!
For the overall result, MEP got the third place among six programmes after ALUK and ALM..

12 August
MARA pre-departure
26 August 2008
Depart from KLIA at 23.59 p.m. and will arrive at Dubai at 3.00 a.m.
Then, from Dubai at 7.25 a.m. to Amman JORDAN (ardhul anbiya') and will arrive at 9.20 a.m. be continued.. Insyaallah..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hectic Weeks Before Fly..

Activities of mine from 16 July until 26 August..

16 July

  • Eng- role play practice

17 July

  • IIM-test
  • Eng-role play (6 pairs)
  • Arabic class 4-7 p.m.

18 July

  • Discuss role play Arabic-continue..
  • Discuss- meiosis i 2-3p.m.
  • Jordan talk 3-5p.m.
  • Back to home with kak siti 5.30/6p.m.

22 July

  • Arabic – role play
  • Physics test-3,4,7

23 July

  • Eng-role play (2 pairs)
  • Eng-forum practice
  • CIM-assignment-done..
  • Biology-presentation meiosis I
  • Chemistry class-lecture hall-4-6p.m.

24 July

  • Eng-forum(euthanasia)

26 July

  • Program future doctors

28 July

  • Usrah 9.30-10.00mlm

30 July

  • Eng-forum report-done
  • Eng-individual presentation practice
  • Eng-individual presentation (JPA)
  • CIM-presentation
  • Chemistry quiz- chapter 2,3,4- 4-6-lecture hall
  • Biology quiz-chapter 2

31 July

  • Eng-individual presentation (MARA)
  • Arabic- role-play group spontaneously!
  • Meeting with seniors from Jordan

1 August

  • Biology quiz-mitosis &meiosis

4 August

  • CL-Presentation15-20min

5 August

  • Arabic-coupled role-play
  • Send MARA agreement- quite tension bout this. Huhu.. I didn’t know that they wanted the photostated i.c. of second guarantor..

6 August

  • CL-Test 4-5.30 chapt 1,2,3,5,6,7,8
  • Eng-individual presentation report
  • Met MARA's officcers
  • Send the photostated i.c. of second guarantor

7 August

  • IIM-assignment-done
  • Home sweet home..

8 August

  • No class

9 August

  • Buy lap top.. huhu..
  • INPRO closing-8/9 night
  • Had flu n cough

10 August

  • Photostat the invois or resit
  • Official letter
  • Read physics
  • Read Arabic

11 August

  • Physics! Final Exams!!
  • Arabic- Listening test
  • Arabic- Oral test
  • CL-Report

12 August

  • MARA-pre departure 8.30-5ptg- bilik anjung korporat,ting 24 bngunan MARA

13 August

  • Biology! Final Exams!!
  • CIM test- 5-7
  • Rehearsal-graduation day

14 August

  • Graduation Day
  • Arabic- Writing test
  • Arabic- Reading test

15 August

  • Chemistry! Final Exams!!
  • IIM-2-4p.m.
  • Grand dinner MEP-kelab al-Ehsan

16 August

  • Program jejak gemilang 7.30-7ptg- Dewan Tun Syed Nasir, Menara DBP

17 August

  • Kursus Fiqh musafir&jenazah
  • Jamuan laman 2

18 August

  • Last day in INTEC (MARA)-clearance-kunci, perpustakaan, pentadbiran cemara

26 August

  • Insyaallah.. will fly with the wings of aero plane to Jordan.. Are you ready kids?? i'm ready captain..(ye ke nie??) I can’t hear you!! Khotrok (tata) Malaysia.. huhu..

Friday, August 1, 2008

Memories Down the Lane.. huhu..

Farewell Party for Sir Fairuz (Physics Tutor) + Birthday Party for Miss Raihan (Biology Tutor)
By: MEJ 4 + MEJ 1.. huhu..

MEJ 4 = My Class..


From left (Pn. Umi's son, Pn. Umi + Miss Raihan)

Nyum2.. (Sir Fairuz + Miss Jasmin)