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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last Moments at INTEC 1..

5 August 2008

I had to send MARA agreement. But, I forgot to photostate the second guarantor's identity card. And I have to get it as faster as I could before tomorrow. First, I thought it will be easy if I used the Ustazah Fathahiyyah's fax machine. However, the i.c became too black after my father sent it to me and I couldn't use the faxed i.c.. I really was in tense at that time. Feeling like wanted to scream loudly. Actually, there was another way; Ask my father to send it to me manually. But, this was the one that made me felt very guilty that I really want to release it by screaming. Really felt guilty for burdening my parents. However, that evening my parents came and they not only gave the photostated i.c I needed. They also brought me some sumptuous food. Haha.. thank you very much abah n ummi.. (Saved money today!!)

9 August 2008

~I bought my first own lap top; Dell inspiron 1420 blue in colour.


When I was stepping my foot into the cemara college, I was being a second 'celebrity' because of my late for the INPRO. Rushingly, I changed my cloth to MEP shirt (Quite a creative design I thought) and went downstairs. Here are some photos of the winners in parade competition and MEP programme. I have the videos but the process was too long tto upload them.. huhu.. sorry guys.. Maybe next time keyh..

First winner: AUSMAT

Second winner: Akasia/Cemara

Third winner: Short course program: Russia+Korea

MEP=the best among the best.. eventhough we won nothing in the parade competition..huhu..

Go go MEP!! M..E..P..!! Takbir!! Allahuakbar!!
For the overall result, MEP got the third place among six programmes after ALUK and ALM..

12 August
MARA pre-departure
26 August 2008
Depart from KLIA at 23.59 p.m. and will arrive at Dubai at 3.00 a.m.
Then, from Dubai at 7.25 a.m. to Amman JORDAN (ardhul anbiya') and will arrive at 9.20 a.m. be continued.. Insyaallah..