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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Journey to Middle East..

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.

At last, after we had about 15 hours of exhausted journey, we safely arrived at the Amman airport at 9 and a half morning, Jordan time. We met the seniors there and they took us to sakan (hostel). Then, after some briefing, we were taken to the seniors' house and stayyed there for three days. Zulaikha and I was staying at Kak Liya and Kak Ziela's house which is known as Qasrul Balqis (Balqis's Catsle). Below are some pics taken during the journey.

Dubai Airport

Dubai airport chandeliar

Look..!! There was someone sleeping on the carpet.. huhu.. This was at Dubai airport.. There were many people sleeping anywhere they liked. Huhu.. weird isn't it?? The international airport was like that?? Hurmm.. Should the Dubai airport give them special places to let them lay down releasing their tiredness..??

This is the Amman airport.. KLIA is more attractive isn't it?? huhu..

Panoramas during the journey from Amman to Irbid which take about an hour and 10 minutes.What I can conclude from the view along the journey is the theme colour of Jordan is brown. Most of the buildings are brown as they are not painted. Moreover, Jordan is one of the countries that consists mostly of desert. Huhu..
To be continued..


Anonymous said...

cm knal jek org yg dlm gmbr kt epot 2h?ahakz~

mimosa pudica said...

Eyh.. sape ek??
x knal2..
org mana tah..

oneQirsh- said...

what color urdun is, i still love urdun (from the bottom of my heart) ha ha ha XD.

btw, bangunan dia x kaler sb batu dia mahal. batu putih tuuu. tahan lama dan lasak katany. tu yg x yah kaler pon x burok (he he)

ahleen il ard kinanah wa anbiya'

mimosa pudica said...

to oneirsh:-

Eyh.. tapikan..
ari tu ada nmpak die cat bgnan warna merah..
bangunan tu bru wat..
cam plik gak arh..
nak tuka tema warna ke??

yup!! mmg btol pon..
batu-batu tu x yah cat..
mmg dah cantik..
suke gak tgk jenis batu yg di gne..


mimosa pudica said...

to oneqirsh:-

sorry, silap eja oneqirsh.. huhu..