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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Future Doctors..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Ermm.. i'm quite busy right now..
Anyway, i juz wanna share something that i listen from the talk for Jordan students from Ustaz Radzi. My friend said that Ustaz Razi maybe is one of the siblings of Aini Mardhiah, our friends in Darul Qur'an. And my feeling said yes to that statement. Huhu.. their faces were quite alike.
Okay, we go to the main thing that will appear in my mind when people ask what did i got from the talk.

Ustaz Radzi said that all medical students who study in middle east are 'hampeh!!' if we just study only about medicine there. He dared us to do these five things during studying, then he will take back the word 'hampeh' from us. They are:-
  • Tashih(correct) the way we recite the Qur'an with syeikh there.
  • Adapt in bi'ah solehah or Islamic environment. His quote: "Jika anda tidak dapat menghormati diri anda sebagai seorg Muslim, sekurang-kurangnya hormatilah suasana Islam di tempat itu."
  • Study about Islamic Medicine.
  • Study about syari'at (Islam's Laws) in medicine.
  • Be a doctor who is a doctor. (regarding about the ethics)
Those are the 5 things.. Huhu.. Could i do all of the things?? I don't know.. But Insyaallah, i'll try my best..

Two sentences from Ustaz Radzi that i like very much which Insyaallah will give motivation to me in order to be a good Muslim doctor: "Remember the bodies of all people are the 'amanah'(something that we borrow or we have been given a trust to keep it) from Allah. When you treat them, remind yourself that you are treating 'amanah' from Allah."

That's all from me..

Friday, July 4, 2008

Life as a Pre-medical Student in INTEC 2

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.

My Class: MEJ4-Yarmouk

Result of Election of MEP Students..

Only 11 students have been elected. They are:-
1. Tuan Muhammad Akmal Hakim bin Tuan Mazri
2. Muhammad bin Jaafar
3. Ahmad Suhaib bin Abdul Rashid
4. Abdul Azam
5. Muhammad bin Rahimi
6. Engku Fahmi
7. Siti Khadijah binti Daud
8. Nadhirah binti Sahri
9. Hamizah binti Abdul Rahman
10. Nuha Iffah
11. Nur Atiqah

Usrah.. -Sunday, June,30-

My Usrah mates..

-Carried out without Ustazah Arfah..

-Lead by Adilah, our naqibah..
-Discussed about sirah of our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
  • Why did Islam started in Peninsular Arabia?? -It was because the place is between Persia n Rom which had the greatest civilization at that time. Persia was the symbol of wealth while Rom was the symbol of spirituality. Therefore, When Islam is started in between them, meaning that spiritual and wealth are very important in Islam which both are needed by all human beings.
  • What is the religion of the Prophet Adam 'Alaihissalam?? -Islam. Even though, its name at that time was not Islam, the main part of the religion that is Aqidah is same; Allah is only the God who should be worshiped.
  • Was Rasulullah s.a.w. really the last prophet?? Eventhough Prophet Isa 'Alaihissalam will be sent again during qiamat?? - Yes, for sure. Try to understand this analogy. Who was birthed first? A father or a son? Of course the father right? Then, if the son died early than his father, was the son would be the father and the father would be the son? Erm, think about it..
-Eating agar-agar during discussing.. huhu.. very delicious..

Iftar Jama'i -Monday, June, 31
-At Ustazah Arfah's house..
-Reached there by walking at 7.30 p.m. during Maghrib's summon to prayer..
-Ate dates n some other sweet food. Then, prayed Maghrib together with Ustazah as an imamah.
-There were three new cooks cooked sardine.
They are, Iman, Zul n Yam.. Wanna know whether the sardine could be eaten or not?? haha.. continue ur readings keyh!!
-Ate in 'talam'.. huhu.. Iman had her first experience eating using 'talam'..
-The sardine by the three cooks was edible..hehe.. congrats..lastly, after having difficulties at the kitchen the sardine can be eaten..(bising btol diorg masak..) hakhak..
-Ustaz Ridho, Ustazah Arfah's husband gave the answers for Adilah's questions about matters that Sisters in Islam opposed:-
  • Why women cannot be the imam during Jama'ah prayer?
  1. Afraid if the men cannot khusyu' in their solat because woman is one of the matters that makes men attracted. (Sisters in Islam: x kan laa.. only because of that?)
  2. Structure of men and women's brains are different. Try to take a look at a book entitled 'Why Men Don't Listen and Women Cannot Read Maps?' written by Allan Pease and Barbara Pease. At page 23 and 26 if i'm not mistaken, the image of the men's and women's are there.. The middle of men's brain which is the largest is written there as sex. While for women, the second largest is shopping. Sorry, i cannot remember what is the first largest for women 's brain.. Ustaz said that men tend to think about sex for every 52 seconds based on his readings. That's why in Islam, women cannot be the imam and have to cover their body against the ajnabi's sight.
  3. Even though they maybe a hadis that there was the time where Rasulullah s.a.w. gave permission for one of the sahibah (i forgot the name) to lead the jama'ah, the hadis is actually is the hadis dho'if where it cannot be taken as dalil in 'ibadah.. It is also not for the whole women. It is only for the sahibah stated in the hadis as the hadis is in specific state, not in general. We can know the dalil is in specific or general state from the grammar of Arabic languange.
Team Medical Dragon -Wednesday, July, 2

-After the Chemistry test, maryam n i watched the Japanese movie entitled Team Medical Dragon.
-The story is revolved around Dr. Asada, the cardiac surgeon finding his team for Batista Operation.
-I learned something from this movie:-
  • To be a good doctor,
  1. you have to work hard..
  2. do not depend only on the textbook. You have to get more and more experiences.
  3. treat patient with kindness.
  4. during surgery, communicate with the organ that you operate on.
  5. do not think about money during treating.
  6. a team is not for us to lying on but it is for us to give our help.
  7. focus when you do something.
-i would like to recommend this movie to all the future doctors.. huhu..
-However, the movie has its weakness. It has a little bit of censored part.. huhu.. Just close ur eyes during this part or fasten/skip the part. i closed my eyes during the part.. Really2 err.. annoying!! hopefully, this part can be deleted.. but overall, the movie is quite good.