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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jordan -with Beloved Family- Part 3~


Day 4: Mu'tah, Dead Sea, Maqams (Shrines) of Prophet Syu'aib A.S and Yusha' bin Nun, 5 shrines of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.'s companions R.A.


Mu'tah is famous with the shrines of martyrs in war of Mu'tah:-

1. Zaid bin Harithah
2. Jaafar bin Abi Thalib
3. Abdullah bin Rawahah

Shrines of Zaid and Jaafar are at the same place inside the mosque 
while Abdullah Rawahah's is outside he mosque about two minutes by car.
The place of shrines depend on the place where they were martyred.

Shrine of Zaid bin Harithah

Shrine of Jaafar Abi Thalib as known as Jaafar At-Thoyyar

Abdullah Rawahah's poem during the war

Shrine of Abdullah Rawahah

Dead Sea

My father's first experience of floating in dead sea!

Bathing after floating in a very salty dead sea.

Shrines of Prophet Syu'aib A.S. and Yusha' bin Nun

Sorry. No pic of Prophet Syu'aib's shrine. I think it's because we were busy trying to catch up with the prayer time and forgot to take some. My bad. -.-"

Shrine of Yusha' bin Nun

They said this was the person who accompanied Prophet Musa A.S. when he was travelling to find Prophet Khidhir A.S. as portrayed in Surah al-Kahfi. Just that his name is not mentioned in that surah. By the way, the shrine looks longer than usual right? They said it's not that the person named Yusha' was a tall person. Just that the parts of the skeleton was not arranged perfectly.

5 Shrines of Prophet Muhammad's Companions R.A.

1. Dhirar Al-Azwar R.A.
2. Abu Ubaidah Al-Jarrah R.A.
3. Shurhabil bin Husna R.A.
4. Mu'az bin Jabal R.A.
5. Amir bin Abi Waqqas R.A.

All of them were involved in battle of Yarmouk. That's why their shrines were in one area.
For more information, try to ask Mr. Google as I'm not that hardworking to write it down. =p
Oh and also the pics. If you ask for them to Mr. Google sure he will show you. =)

to be continued..
p/s: Ensyaallah part 4 will be the last part of this Jordan -with Beloved Family- post.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Malaysia's First Post After BFG~


I hate the very slow WiFi here. And I'm already missing my ex-house Jordan WiFi. 
It's too slow which my story of Jordan stuck at part 2. Sorry readers. But still I'll try to finish them even though if it's only post with pics. =p Actually the slowest part which is the most annoying one is uploading the pics.. -.-"

p/s 1: Pray for Ghazzah and my condolences to MH17.
p/s 2: Selamat menjalani hari-hari akhir Ramadhan and Salam eidul fitri! ^_^

Friday, July 4, 2014

Jordan -with Beloved Family~ Part 2


Day 3: Wadi Musa, Petra, Maqam al-Harith Ibnu Umair Al-Azdi

Wadi Musa

Again no pic on my Note II here as I didn't bring it along with me. *sigh*

We prayed Zohr at this Masjid before going to the well of Prophet Musa A.S. 
They said that the water from here is coming from that well.


I remembered when I was here about 6 years ago, I once said "This's the first and last time I would entered this place." And here I was againnn.. =p It's not like I hate this place. It's just that I hate the camel and horse dung which were everywhereee.. -.-" and it's hooottt! 

Ok fine yeah I know I'm not the person who could be amazed by only history. =p

 Waiting others to get ready for the journey with peaceee! =D

Let's beginn! Ho yeahh! 

Whoooaa.. Be careful with the horsecart..!! 

I'm not sure what's my dad looking at. 

Here I am!~ ^_^ 

My mum is trying to touch the elephant thingy.

Approached by a seller guy there.
As expected the softest heart is my mum. Fortunately she didn't have money with her. =p 

Capturing my dad who tried to selfie with khazaneh. =p 

The best pic I could find that have us with khazaneh. -.-" 

Bullying my youngest sister in front of... I don't know whatt..~ =p 

Trying hard to take a pic here even though I don't really mind what's the significance. =p

My cool dad! =p 


 They got to ride a horse at last. =)

Goodbye Petraaa!! 

Maqam al-Harith Ibnu Umair Al-Azdi

I don't have the pic here. -.-" Sorry.

But yeah let's read a little bit about him. 
What I have been told was.. 

He was sent by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. with a letter to Shurahbil Ibnu Amr Al-Ghassani which was a provincial governor of Busra, under the Byzantine Emperor, Hercules. Shurahbil ordered that al-Harith be bound and he had him beheaded. This leaded to war of Mu'tah in order to get justice for his death.

After that we were heading to Mu'tah.

To be continued..

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jordan -with Beloved Family~ Part 1


p/s: This post is going to have loads of pictures rather than writing i guess. Enjoy!

3rd July 2014
My family: [my parents and 2 of my youngest brother and sister] was here!
I forgot to take their picture of arrival. My bad. -.-"

Day 1: JUST
I brought them to JUST as before my parents came and didn't have a chance to take a walk inside it.

1st stop: King Abdullah University Hospital
p/s: Picture in front of the hospital in my father's camera. 
So I'll just upload what i have in my Note II because if i wait maybe i'll never post about it. -.-"

 Me: being paparazzi

 Before sunburn~

Could this pic get highest rating for album cover? =p 

In front of library. My mum really love the 'tong gas' as she insisted to have her pic there. =p 

I brought them to the stadium as they can't attend my graduation day which was held here.
Instead of attending the graduation day, they decided to have a competition. -.-" 

I just discovered my brother is a quite photogenic guy. =p
My dad: who just can't let go his phone camera even a minute. =p

More beautiful pics are with my dad. If you're lucky enough then I'll upload them later. =p

Day 2: Ashabul Kahfi, Wadi Rum and Aqaba

Sorry, no pics of ashabul kahfi in my Note II.

Wadi Rum
First check point!

Walking towards the 1st checkpoint which is the big rock with some writings on it. 


A camel made a visit to show off himself! =p

Second check point!

Walking towards the second check point.

 Hey, we're between the rocks!~

Cute couple. =)

 Left: Lans Coperal Sulaiman
Right: Sarjan Dik Ah

Third check point

Going up and up with difficulties!

The champion of the day!~

Resting after having hard time climbing the hill of sand

Three musketeers on the hill~

"Sand, what are you doing in our shoes?!!"

 View from upside.

Last check point!

Guess which one is mine?


Rooms for nightover~

Abah's learning to selfie!~ =p

Us!~ We'll miss you Wadi Rum!


Here Ummi bought 6 cotton comforters and other stuffs! and I got my new hand luggage. 
I don't think I could mention all the stuffs that ummi bought. =p 
This is what we call heaven of shopping spree!

To be continued...