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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jordan -with Beloved Family- Part 3~


Day 4: Mu'tah, Dead Sea, Maqams (Shrines) of Prophet Syu'aib A.S and Yusha' bin Nun, 5 shrines of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.'s companions R.A.


Mu'tah is famous with the shrines of martyrs in war of Mu'tah:-

1. Zaid bin Harithah
2. Jaafar bin Abi Thalib
3. Abdullah bin Rawahah

Shrines of Zaid and Jaafar are at the same place inside the mosque 
while Abdullah Rawahah's is outside he mosque about two minutes by car.
The place of shrines depend on the place where they were martyred.

Shrine of Zaid bin Harithah

Shrine of Jaafar Abi Thalib as known as Jaafar At-Thoyyar

Abdullah Rawahah's poem during the war

Shrine of Abdullah Rawahah

Dead Sea

My father's first experience of floating in dead sea!

Bathing after floating in a very salty dead sea.

Shrines of Prophet Syu'aib A.S. and Yusha' bin Nun

Sorry. No pic of Prophet Syu'aib's shrine. I think it's because we were busy trying to catch up with the prayer time and forgot to take some. My bad. -.-"

Shrine of Yusha' bin Nun

They said this was the person who accompanied Prophet Musa A.S. when he was travelling to find Prophet Khidhir A.S. as portrayed in Surah al-Kahfi. Just that his name is not mentioned in that surah. By the way, the shrine looks longer than usual right? They said it's not that the person named Yusha' was a tall person. Just that the parts of the skeleton was not arranged perfectly.

5 Shrines of Prophet Muhammad's Companions R.A.

1. Dhirar Al-Azwar R.A.
2. Abu Ubaidah Al-Jarrah R.A.
3. Shurhabil bin Husna R.A.
4. Mu'az bin Jabal R.A.
5. Amir bin Abi Waqqas R.A.

All of them were involved in battle of Yarmouk. That's why their shrines were in one area.
For more information, try to ask Mr. Google as I'm not that hardworking to write it down. =p
Oh and also the pics. If you ask for them to Mr. Google sure he will show you. =)

to be continued..
p/s: Ensyaallah part 4 will be the last part of this Jordan -with Beloved Family- post.