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Friday, July 4, 2014

Jordan -with Beloved Family~ Part 2


Day 3: Wadi Musa, Petra, Maqam al-Harith Ibnu Umair Al-Azdi

Wadi Musa

Again no pic on my Note II here as I didn't bring it along with me. *sigh*

We prayed Zohr at this Masjid before going to the well of Prophet Musa A.S. 
They said that the water from here is coming from that well.


I remembered when I was here about 6 years ago, I once said "This's the first and last time I would entered this place." And here I was againnn.. =p It's not like I hate this place. It's just that I hate the camel and horse dung which were everywhereee.. -.-" and it's hooottt! 

Ok fine yeah I know I'm not the person who could be amazed by only history. =p

 Waiting others to get ready for the journey with peaceee! =D

Let's beginn! Ho yeahh! 

Whoooaa.. Be careful with the horsecart..!! 

I'm not sure what's my dad looking at. 

Here I am!~ ^_^ 

My mum is trying to touch the elephant thingy.

Approached by a seller guy there.
As expected the softest heart is my mum. Fortunately she didn't have money with her. =p 

Capturing my dad who tried to selfie with khazaneh. =p 

The best pic I could find that have us with khazaneh. -.-" 

Bullying my youngest sister in front of... I don't know whatt..~ =p 

Trying hard to take a pic here even though I don't really mind what's the significance. =p

My cool dad! =p 


 They got to ride a horse at last. =)

Goodbye Petraaa!! 

Maqam al-Harith Ibnu Umair Al-Azdi

I don't have the pic here. -.-" Sorry.

But yeah let's read a little bit about him. 
What I have been told was.. 

He was sent by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. with a letter to Shurahbil Ibnu Amr Al-Ghassani which was a provincial governor of Busra, under the Byzantine Emperor, Hercules. Shurahbil ordered that al-Harith be bound and he had him beheaded. This leaded to war of Mu'tah in order to get justice for his death.

After that we were heading to Mu'tah.

To be continued..