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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Malaysia's First Post After BFG~


I hate the very slow WiFi here. And I'm already missing my ex-house Jordan WiFi. 
It's too slow which my story of Jordan stuck at part 2. Sorry readers. But still I'll try to finish them even though if it's only post with pics. =p Actually the slowest part which is the most annoying one is uploading the pics.. -.-"

p/s 1: Pray for Ghazzah and my condolences to MH17.
p/s 2: Selamat menjalani hari-hari akhir Ramadhan and Salam eidul fitri! ^_^


Martin said...

BFG as in back for good?

I'll buy you fast wifi in malaysia if that helps :P

but seriously thank you for your dedication and keeping the blog alive

May Allah protect our families in Gaza, Syria and everyone fighting in the name of Allah, and help them achieve victory

kol 3am we ente b5air (don't forget your Arabic :P )

nima said...

yeah that's right. BFG = back for good.

Oh gosh! it's only 2 weeks and I already forgot to write the wish that we usually used in Jordan. -.-"

p/s: btw thank you for the wifi. i got it in my dream. =p