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Friday, August 2, 2013

Random Post!~


It's such a loooonnggg time this blog has been ignored by the owner.
And actually this time I just want to write my random thinking.
Because if I don't then I don't know when will I write again.
It's not that I don't have any story to tell but it's just myself  who's having mood swing of writing plus the feeling of wanting to spend time more on studying which I doubt. -.-"

Ok. I have just come across this picture while taking break for couple of minutes from study.

Did anyone see anything other than the lake and the mountain?
Sure most of us will find nothing.

But, if i say did anyone see the rainbow in this picture?
Then, most of us will see it.

This reminds me the sentence which always has been used by doctors in clinics;
"You will see what you want to find."
The doctors will use this sentence when we don't see the lesion in x-rays or CT scan which means we don't know what we want to find. *herherher*

Ok. I have to get back on track. *study mode activated*. Or else I will not see what should I find. =p

p/s 1: Ramadhan Kareem everyone. It's never too late to wish. =p Let's try to get the gift: Lailatul Qadr in this last 8 days.
p/s 2: Should I close this blog? Hmm.. Hmm..
p/s 3: Keep praying for our brothers and sisters in Egypt, Syria, Palestine and others!
p/s 3: Last, Happy eidul fitri in advanced! I don't think I'll update this blog in the meantime because I'll have exams after 'eid! ouhh.. Pray for me~