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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Future Doctors..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Ermm.. i'm quite busy right now..
Anyway, i juz wanna share something that i listen from the talk for Jordan students from Ustaz Radzi. My friend said that Ustaz Razi maybe is one of the siblings of Aini Mardhiah, our friends in Darul Qur'an. And my feeling said yes to that statement. Huhu.. their faces were quite alike.
Okay, we go to the main thing that will appear in my mind when people ask what did i got from the talk.

Ustaz Radzi said that all medical students who study in middle east are 'hampeh!!' if we just study only about medicine there. He dared us to do these five things during studying, then he will take back the word 'hampeh' from us. They are:-
  • Tashih(correct) the way we recite the Qur'an with syeikh there.
  • Adapt in bi'ah solehah or Islamic environment. His quote: "Jika anda tidak dapat menghormati diri anda sebagai seorg Muslim, sekurang-kurangnya hormatilah suasana Islam di tempat itu."
  • Study about Islamic Medicine.
  • Study about syari'at (Islam's Laws) in medicine.
  • Be a doctor who is a doctor. (regarding about the ethics)
Those are the 5 things.. Huhu.. Could i do all of the things?? I don't know.. But Insyaallah, i'll try my best..

Two sentences from Ustaz Radzi that i like very much which Insyaallah will give motivation to me in order to be a good Muslim doctor: "Remember the bodies of all people are the 'amanah'(something that we borrow or we have been given a trust to keep it) from Allah. When you treat them, remind yourself that you are treating 'amanah' from Allah."

That's all from me..


mUhAmMaD aiMaN bIn ZainAL baHRin said...

i'd motivated!!be a muslim doc..achieve wat we want n ISLAM still alive in our soul..

mimosa pudica said...

and i agree with you..
(Achieve what we want n ISLAM still alive in our soul)

oneQirsh- said...

Us Razi ni yg tinggi2 tu ke? Eh, ustaz x balek joden lg ke? (oooo!)

Us Razi tu mmg bes (ha ha)
samat jd a doctor who are a doctor.
but sometimes, not all of what he listed in the list are achieveable. Some are, while some not. But we do our bestest. The life is tough with its own sweeteness XD

mimosa pudica said...

to oneqirsh:-

yup..yg tula..
yup that's true not all he listed are achievable..
but just try to do the best..