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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last moments at INTEC 2..

14 August
Graduation day. Haven't finished our chemistry paper yet. huhu.. We graduated with the Russia and International students. MEP presented smooth melodious nasyid. Leaded by Tuan Mohammad Akmal. Active and cheerful Russia students presented their Russian song. (x paham pon..)..

15 August
Grand Dinner MEP. Just had finished the final exam test for the Jordan students. We was having dinner at Kelab al-Ehsan, Shah Alam. Started quite late and all of us ate at about 10 p.m. haha.. very hungry at that time. I filled my plate with sumptuous food with the quantity which I never had before. (banyak sangat).. huu.. However, at that night I got weird stomach because I could finish all the food I took. And I didn't feel like 'sebu'.. huhu.. (lapar sgt nie..) I was hungry since the class finishd at 4 p.m. and until that 10 p.m. my stomach still didn't get any food. Oh, poor my stomach..! huhu.. Quite fun that night but still felt something which.... erm.. don't know how to describe. The feeling was like argghh.. something weird. Something which had brought my mood down. I don't know what and I don't know why. Maybe it was because i knew it was the last moment of us together with our lecturers and our friends who will go studying in Egypt. Huhu.. Here are some pics at that awesome grand dinner..
With Ijan.. on da way to kelab al-Ehsan..

Theme grand dinner MEP: Jubah
Miss Diana n Miss Jasmin

3 Izzahs among MEPs.. huhu..

All Jordanian girls..

My Classmates

Nasyid performance

Gift for lecturers

Gift for us..(students)


belas_kasihan16 said...

aku stuju dgn ko..
grand dinner tu best sbenanye..
tapi rase cam ade kekurgn..
1 prasaan yg xdpt nk dexpress...
but xtually bkn kte je rse cam tu..
yg len pun..
mayb tme 2 sume sdar..
da fact dat 2 days later..
kte n msir akn bpisah...

mimosa pudica said...