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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Trauma and Emergency Elective #4 + Medical Posting~


*Elective time during medical student*

"Dr, em kami nak tag dengan doktor boleh?"
"Oh ok. No problem."
"Jom ambil darah new patient."

Unfortunately, the veins were not that obvious.

*scratching head*

"Cuba rasa and tekan-tekan. Try to find the bouncy part."
"Tapi tak nampaaakkk..."
"Memanglaaa... Tak semua vein nampak maa.. Kalau semua vein macam yours and I senanglaa.."


Ending up he's taking the blood.

"Balik, pejam mata, feel your own vein. Remember the feeling."


Now, I'm very thankful to Dr K for the teaching.
Just feel the bouncy thingy and poke!
No need to see the vein. ^_^

Making my time for taking blood shorter!

Dear, medical posting.

You're interesting with knowledge.
and I really learn a lot from you.

Manage patients and decide the proper management
Do work faster and know the priority
Do some procedures
You teach me all of that.

But you give me too much workload
which I'm thinking twice to have
further relationship with you.

Honestly, I enjoyed being with you.
Even though at first I just want to give you up
Especially when you put me on too much workload
without off for a month. -.-"

Hoping we can enjoy the left moment together happily!
Medical posting, discharge me safely please!