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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

JPJ Test...!!

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t.

Whew!! Lastly, i got it..! Alhamdulillah.. Yes!! I have passed the test..! haha.. 'Bestnye..' becoz i don't have to let my foot stepping on the place anymore.. i hate the environment. seriously, i really hate it..! Actually, it was the second time i took the test as i failed for the on the road test last week. huhu.. At least, i passed the test on hill, parking n three point turn at that time. So, today i only have to repeat the on the road test. Know why i hate the environment there?? huh!! too many waiting time..!! and so many smokers there..!! What an unpleasant to wait with the smoke everywhere.. However, i will not have to waste my time waiting for my turn anymore..! yey!! My sufferings will fly out from me without wings.. huhu.. Anyway, as i have passed the test, why not i share the tips right?? wanna know some tips from someone who have succeed in shooting for the 'P'?? Ha.. Continue ur reading okey..!!

Don't forget the do'a.. (important!!)

First test:-
1. Part one: hill (3 minutes)
~ensure the front car tyres are in the yellow line on the hill.
~feel the car is going down a little bit when u r trying to control the pressure given on the clutch pad and the petrol pad.
~when u push the hand brake down but the car still doesn't move forward, raise ur foot from clutch a little bit. (not raise up leaving the clutch without any pressure.still need it). And press more for the petrol.

2. Part two: parking (5 minutes)
~follow the steps that u have learnt. If me, i have to do for about twelves steps.
a. ensure the poll is seen a little bit at the left rear window of the car.
b. turn the steering two times to the left.
c. adjust the gear for reverse.
d. reverse the car until u can see the forth poll on the right side mirror.
e. turn the steering two times to the right.
f. reverse the car until u can see the yellow line.(kuarkan kepala kat tingkap waktu nih)
g. turn the steering two times to the right again.
h. reverse the car until it is in the box of parking. (finished, raise ur hand)
i. adjust the gear to 1.
j. move the car until u can see the first poll behind the left side mirror.
k. turn the steering three times to the left.
l. move the car towards the the three pointer turn place.
p/s: there are many 'mazhab' in the parking steps. so, juz practice which u feel easier.

3. Part three: three point turn (3 minutes)
a. seeing the poll number two behind the left side mirror,turn the steering twice to the right and stop before u reach the front poll.
b. turn the steering to the left side four times adjust the gear for reverse.
c. reverse the car and stop before u reach the behind poll.
d. turn the steering to the right four times and adjust the gear to num 1 and move.


Second test: On the road
~relax. don't be too panic and don't be over-confident.
~do what u have learnt during the driving class.
~REMEMBER the road that u have to drive along. (this is my fault during the last week test)

Below are the stuffs that u need to do during the test:-
1. adjust the seat.
2. adjust just the side and rear mirrors
3. wear the seat belt
4. ensure the gear is in free state
5. test the signal and wiper
6. use the signal when needed
7. use hand and foot brake correctly
8. obey the rules of traffic light
9. obey the stop sign at the junction
10. obey the rules of double lines
11. drive in correct lane
12. drive with safe distance
13. overtake with correct ways and use the rear mirror before turning
14. obey the speed limit
15. give priority to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.
16. drive at the corner side correctly. (slow and in the correct lane)
17. not changing the lane rashly when there is traffic jam
18. give priority to the vehicles on the right lane at the junctions and round about
19. not driving dangerously
20. use suitable gear according to the speed.

passed marks: 16/20

i got: 18/20 ..hehe..

that all from me. hope these info can bring some benefit to you..!!



asyfaq said...

assalamua'laikum,heheh it's ok is not just u je yg dislike nak pegi tempat tu.kite pon xske.tersekse spanjg mase blaja kete.bak kate tnoe bile dah pass nnt die nak drive depan pejabat driving school tu sambil tekan minyak kuat2.heheh

mimosa pudica said...

yeyh!! fana..!!
kite dah ley wat camtuh laa..
bile lagi?? hakhak..

nAyA said...

besnye izzah~
da dpt P er..
kite ni xtawla camne nex week~
cam xkonfiden je on da road tuh~

mimosa pudica said...

bley tuh..
rilex je time bawa..
jgn gelabah..
ingat sume yg dah blajar..
baca do'a bebanyk sebelum nek n time dah ada dlm kete eyh..
Insyaallah, u can do it!!