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Monday, May 12, 2008

Boys versus Girls..

'Boys are easier to take care of rather than girls but girls are more easier to be taught than boys..'

Really?? erm.. when i asked this phrase to my aunt, she said that it is quite true as she had the experiences with her daughter and son. She said that it is easier for taking care her son rather than her daughter becoz she didn't have to be worried much about her son as when he grows bigger, he can take good care of himself.

When the boys have to travel in a long distance trip or journey, most of their parents will have a trust that their sons will be safe, Insyaallah. However, if the child is a daughter, then, the parents would be worried enough to let her go. They will ask with whom they will go for the trip, with what, how much the cost and so on. And, certain parents will not let their daughter out or if they give permission, they will ensure their daughter is in the safe mode. For example, maybe some parents will send and fetch their daughters to the places or maybe they will make a call for every minute..!! huhu..

Why do parents more worried on their daughters than their sons?? We all know the answer right? Girls have to face many harms out there. As they are weaker and need more protection than boys. Moreover, many cases which involve girls as victims are reported in media from time to time. Therefore, it is rational if our parents are very worried about us.

In Islam, parents have to take care of their daughters until they get married. But for boys, only until they have works and able to support their lives. What a pretty of Islam right?? As it very protecting females and Islam has some rational reasons to do so.

We go to 'girls are more easier to be taught than boys'.. erm, normally this phrase will have the agreement of many parents. huhu.. erm, most of the boys are more stubborn and rebellious than girls. While, girls have the obedient and gentle character more than boys. Most of girls are also more hardworking than boys. Therefore, girls are easier to be taught.

However, i admitted that if boys are more hardworking in their works or lives, then they will be more successful than girls. Look. Many of the specialists are males, even though there are more females under them. So, i really respect the males who are really committed in their lives.

Why do i wrote about this?? It is becoz, huhu.. my mother is actually quite worried as i want to further my studies in oversea. I know she is very proud of me and she knew i can take care of myself. But she still worried. She doesn't say if she is worried. But i know it becoz she always say "USIM pon bagus Long.." after i got the offers from MARA. huhu. However, after seeing that i want to accept the MARA offers, she accepts my decision. At the same time, she contacts my neighbour who are continuing her studies there to know more about the life in Jordan..hakhak.. (Ummi..don't worry too much about me..) Anyway, i really proud to have a mum like that.. Imagine if i am a boy, does ummi will be worried much like this??


Dina Najat said...

Askm. Boleh beritahu kakak ttg pgalaman bersekolah di al amin. kakak nak hantar anak kakak ke situ.


mimosa pudica said...

erm..pengalaman kat al-amin??
bagi saya, saya dapat penekanan dari segi agama dgn lbey mndlm. Sebab ada pnambahan subj. contoh mcm tafsir, hafazan, sirah, aqidah, feqah, akhalaq... sume tu blaja asing2.. so, dapat belajar dgn lebih mndlm mngenai satu2 bhgn.. paling diberi penekanan waktu saya dulu ialah kirenye, mmg saya dapat bnyk vocab arabic words dr skolah tu.. Erm, tapi skrg organisasinye dah berubah sikit. maybe jadi lbey baik. lebih tersusun.. erm..apa2 pon, peranan ibu bapa tetap penting walaupun dah anta anak ke skolah mcm al amin. maksud saya, x semestinye, semua keluaran al amin ni baik. bergantung juga kpd keluarga atau ibu bapa pelajar tersebut.. Tapi, Alhamdulillah, setakat ni kebnyakan produk dr skolah tu mmg bagus.
Moga maklumat yg saya bg ni dapat membantu.. sekian..
p/s: klu nak tnye soalan lagi dialu-alukan..

Don said...

ummi dun worry too much
kat sane ramai msian
xd pape ler

mimosa pudica said...

to Don:-
erm..tula ramai je Malaysians..
and now,she seems like not being too worried anymore.. maybe becoz there are about 3 months more i will be in Malaysia..(lambat agi r nak fly..)

weyh.. sorry arh yg ari tuh.. i'm telling fana about.. you know right..
ala, x de pape pon kan.. anyway, i'm sorry if you really hate it..

Dr. Aileen Ramli said...

wah cik adek ni speaking la skang. kaklina tak reti la nk speaking2 ni :(

takyah risau, nnt long leh idop ngan bahagie nye kat sni. klo ummi risau gak, klina leh tlg jagekan, cubitkan, bulikan long. muahahaha!

can't wait to meet u, sis!

mimosa pudica said...

to dr. aileen ramli:-

kak lina tipu x reti speaking..
huhu.. x kan la pi jln kat europe x reti speaking.. heheh..

alaa.. bnyk grammar mistakes pon..
dlm post yg ditulis dlm english..

waaaa.. tidaaakkk!!!
kaklina nak buli kak long..!!

can't wait to see me??
missing me eyh?? hakhak..