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Friday, June 6, 2008

Life in INTEC..

Daily life of INTEC's students for short course program (especially me and my housemates):-

5.30 a.m. : Wake up. Have to wait for the turn to take bath. Sometimes, will sleep during the waiting time. Pray.
7.10 a.m. : Take a bus to INTEC campus. If we late, then we have to stand in the bus. My friends and i really hate if we have to do so. Inertia will make us almost to fall. (Pana, remember the event?? hakhak..)
7.45 a.m. : About this time, normally we arrive at the INTEC campus.
8.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m. : Class. The subjects that we (Jordan program) study are:-
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Arabic for pre-medical students
  • English for pre-medical students
  • Introduction to Islamic medicine
  • Civilization in medicine
  • Computer literacy
1.00-2.00 p.m. : Break (lunch and pray)
2.00-3.50 p.m. : Class
4.00-5.00 p.m. : for me i will wash my clothes..
6.00 p.m. : for my housemates and i will buy food for our dinner. we buy earlier becoz if we buy at 7 o'clock, we have to wait for a long time and usually at that time, boys will conquer the cheapest cafe. (prepare the umbrella before raining) thanx to yam and zul as they always willing to buy the food for us. Then, we will have dinner together and take bath in turn.
7.25-8.00 p.m. : Pray and recite al-Qur'an
8.00-8.45 p.m. : Study
8.45-9.00 p.m. : Pray
9.00-12.00 p.m. : Study
12.00-5.30 a.m. : Sleep. Sometimes, will be late from this time. (one room with dila)

The most popular shopping complex for the students there is Mydin because it is only in front of our college. Huhu.. i think the Mydin's guard will remember our faces because we have been there for many times. Sometimes, in one day, we will 'visit' Mydin for several times.. huhu.. (barang murah lah katakan..kadang2, teman kawan je..hakhak)

Quite busy right now. i have to finish about 3 assignments.. huhu..

p/s: doakan kami berjaya menjadi Doktor MUSLIM yg cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang okeyh..!! Insyaallah.. Let us do the best in whatever course we have entered.


& aku- said...

u have mydin kat kolej cemara ke nih? or kat intec?

before this, as far as i remembered, we only have Giant kot. and a few kedai2 tepi jalan tuh.

lucky lah skng dah ada Mydin (lol)

mimosa pudica said...

to & aku:-

kat kolej cemara..
kat intec x de pape sgt..
now everything is there..
bak kata org macam2 ada..
mydin tuh dpn kolej cemara jerk..
walk for only a few steps then,
u'll reach Mydin..
not only mydin act..
ole2 is also quite famous there..

::izzah:: said...

bestnyer da ade mydin..
dgr kte..
mcm2 kdai ade kt dpn tu..

rse cm nk nangis pn ade bce entry nih..huhu..
rse rindu lak kt intec..
best gler~
xderla best pn...
tp best~
mne satu nih..

emm..ktorg dlu..
nk g intec pg2 dr cemara tuh...
berebut sakan..
sakit sgt kne tolak2..
kdg2 rse cm kaki x jejak ke tnh...heh~

nway...all d best..
n hargailah masa brsama family sebaik mgkin...

Anonymous said...

memang best ade mydin, hari2 ijah g shopping. sekarang die dah wat palang so nak x nak kena beratur, xdelar berebut-rebut sangat, slamat kasut.

mimosa pudica said...

to ::izzah:: :-

yup..!! mcm2 ada..
kedai yg kat ole2 nama
pusat pakaian hari2 pernah msk tv..

erm, skrg x de men rebut2 dah..
ada palang..

Insyaallah..masa bersama family akan dihargai sebaik mungkin..
tiap2 minggu balik nih..

mimosa pudica said...

to anonymous:-

weih..!! mana de ari2..
jarang dah skrg..
kne r jimat en..
anyway, sape ni ek??