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Friday, June 27, 2008

Life as a Pre-Medical Student in INTEC 1

Assalamuaalaikum w.b.t.

My life now become more hectic. With many assignments, presentations and quizes. Fortunately, i'm a MARA student who does not have to achieve the cut off points in order to fly over the moon.. hehe.. like the JPA students. However, we just try our best for the best marks in all stuffs that we did. As it is something waste if we do some work with no effort. Wasting of time especially. Moreover, it is beneficial for us as i think it is very useful when we have the title of medical students and not as pre-medical student anymore. It is just that we are more relax than the JPA's students.. hehe.. poor of them. But, don't worry too much my friends of JPA's. I'm sure the lecturer or the tutor will help us in achieving the high points, but we have to help ourselves first right?? huhu.. Anyway, even in my busy life, i do have times for cheering up myself. Well, below are the events that i'll keep it in my memory of life during learning in INTEC..
  • The water in the bathroom was burst out from the pipe junction.. hakhak.. my cloth became half wet and then, because i couldn't handle it alone, i called up for my friends'(Adilah and Pana) help. Huhu.. thanx anyway..
  • Got the 'Ustazah' title again when i was walking with my classmate to the photostate shop. huhu.. don't really mind anyway..
  • My foot slipped over the higher pavement beside the road.. malu bangat sih.. one of the lorry driver wanted to laugh but he tried to cover it.. huhu..
  • Met two of my previous schoolmates from al-amin.. one is same programme with me that is Biloi and one in the russia programme that is Mus'ab.
  • Met the 2 of the seniors of seri indah.. she is studying engineering in american credit programme (kak hazwani). About one more senior, i just saw him. Don't know from what programme.
  • A cockroach wanted to fly towards me.. and haha.. i screamed.. aaaaahh.. (x dela kuat sgt..hikhik)
  • The election for MEP students.. One of my Usrah mate has been elected.. huhu.. famous gak Siti k nih.. congrats anyway.. you can do it!! chayok!! Also my class representer(Ira) was also elected and she asked us to elect the new class representer. All of my classmates at first didn't want to be elected as the responsibility as a class representer is quite big. huhu.. However, at last Rahmah accepted it. So, congrats and thanx Rahmah!! heheh..
  • Met and chatted with seniors from Jordan.. Got more info from them.. Thanx..!!
Actually, there are more memories about INTEC.. However, i couldn't list all of them of course.. So, i just listed the events which i remembered most.. huhu.. For the election result, i'll try to seek it from others. Maybe it will be my next post.. Wait for it..!! Masyi??(okey in Jordan language) Huhu..


& aku- said...

i love INTEC.
indeed i do!

all the bestest in doing all the chores!
assignments sempoi je.

anas_AF said...

just KIT...
smoga terus cemerlang...

mimosa pudica said...

to & aku :-

thanks anyway..
senior kat jordan eyh??

mimosa pudica said...

to anas_af :-

n thanks..

guess who? said...

hehe izzah, tanx 4 includin my name..
hihi, u r rite s an egypt n jpa student im buzy all da time..
with those asgmnts and loads of works..
haha, doesnt matter..
well, evrgreen eh?????
nice n interestin topics, juz 1 thing make it havoc with photos..
it will b really fun..
dats all...

mimosa pudica said...

to guess who? said :-

hehe.. i know who r you..
siti k rite??
anyway..thanx for commenting..
bout da photo.. da process actualy..

snanye asyik lupe bawa camera..
minggu lepas dah bawa..
so..Insyaallah, there'll be the photos for da next post..!!