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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Meaning of The Chinese Song..


i leave reticence at tat year silently,
those naivete's smile was no more brilliant,
u exerting the utmost strength to hurt coz u afraid of the sequel,
n u blame me tat i've ward ur wonderful future,
u be firm in dun need me to wait for u,
yet i let u leave silently,
but now u have come back wit hurt,
how should i accept this arrangement,
i sad is due to i give up u, give up love, give up hope which had been broken n bear for the sadness,
i tot i've help to fulfill ur wishes but u said tat u more unhappy wit it,
i sad is due to i forgot u, forgot love, do my best to forgot tat v've been loved each other,
n lastly, i forgot to tell u tat when things gone will never happen again or repeat......

Thanx Lilih..