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Friday, October 3, 2008

I Was Impressed..!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Firstly, I would like to wish all Muslims Happy Eid Mubarak..!! "Kullu 'am wa antum bikhair.." Before I write about hari raya in Jordan, I would like to tell about what did the Urdunians do during Ramadhan that really made me feel respect with them.

The things that really impressed me were:-
  • all the restaurants were closed from the morning till the time of break fast. No even one of them were eating or drinking. Not even the non-muslims. I don't know if there were any because it's difficult to be found except once, in the University. Maybe they feel really thirsty after walking from a building to another at that time. However, that was only once rather than in Malaysia. Huhu.. One more thing, here if it was the time for solat Jumaat, ALL the shops will be closed and they will open back after the prayer. Look!! How they really respect the Jumaat prayer time.
  • Many of them were with Qur'an wherever they go. Even though he is only a guard..!! (terharu n insaf sangat!!) If they are taxi drivers, many of them will listen to Qur'an al kareem rather than other songs. Try to compare it with Malaysians.. Huhu.. Don't have to give the answers because all of us know it right??
  • Then, during tarawih the masjid was always full especially the last ten days of Ramadhan. We always have to rush to the masjid at that time. If not, there would be no place for us. On 27th Ramadhan, they believe that it was a lailatul qadr. So, at that night the masjid was very full till a few of them had to pray outside. Wow!! They really wanted the 'pahala' for that night..!! How was Malaysians?? Where are they on the last ten days? Huhu..

Okay, now we move to the hari raya part.. No. To be more arranged I will post on the another new post. Insyaallah..



Akmal Hakim said...

Way to go!
Yup, I admit that Malaysian don't always take initiative to develop themselves during Ramadhan. Most of them take Ramadhan for granted and unable to apprehend what Allah's Apostle meant by the beauty of Ramadhan.

We should take lessons from other countries and adapt the way of good things. Somehow we are too stubborn to follow the good path presuming that ours is better. We are lacking of epistemology.

Funny things in Malaysia is, when it comes to Ramadhan, the tendency to perform congregational prayer is greater. I felt like, awesome! Today, its Syawal already. Where are those people disappear? What comes to people mind that tarawikh is more important than other prayer???

By the way, keep it up! We muslim should concern. The most important thing is,

"If you want to see the change, be the change" -Mahatma Gandhi

mimosa pudica said...

to akmal hakim:-

Hurm.. this is the first time to see you commenting on my blog..welcome..!!

Yeah, Insyaallah we will make the change first to make the change of others..ganbate..!!

Thanx for ur comment and link.

senikehidupan said...

Yuppie. I'm just a blog surfer. Recently I'm searching for abroad students moonlighting a blog. Nice blog anyway, I put this already in my blog list.

By the way, if I'm not mistaken, you are my friendster friend as well. Feel free to view my profile or blog!

Nice to get acquainted.

mimosa pudica said...

Thanx for promotting my blog..(perasan '=_=)..

Yeah, I know you already before this. You are from SMKA Pedas which is actually my friend's ex-school.

Anyway, I have view and read urs and actually..ermm ur blog is more informative than me..huhu.. congrats..!! And I'll try to improve mine.. Insyaallah..

nice to know you too..!!