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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fingers = People ??

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

"How's the people in Jordan?"
"Ermm.. Some of them are very kind, some of them are in the middle and... Sorry to say that some of them are not very good.."
"It's alright. I understand. You know what.. My sis said that people are like our fingers. Look. All the five fingers are not the same right??

I nodded and gave a smile agreed with her point.
This is the conversation between my new friend, Baraah and I when we met about three days ago.

People Resemble Our Fingers

All fingers are different with each other. So do the people. Not all people are bad and not all people are kind. So, when we meet people that are very kind to us, appericiate them. If we meet bad people, let say in their manner just remind yourself not to do the same manner. If it is a weird stranger, just be careful by taking some precautions for the sake of our safety.

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

The appearances, deeds and etc may affect your judgement about someone. Maybe when you met someone in the past with the same.. ermm.. let say the way of walking and she was not very friendly, and then at the other time you met the different person with the same type of walking, you might set in your mind that the person was also not very friendly.

Another example, when you met a person who rarely smiles, you would think that he or she is an arrogant person.

Don't let your mind to think like that. Free your mind from having bad impressions about someone.

For the first example, remember that different person will have at least a different in him or herself. Maybe only the way of walking is the same but the second person you met might be a friendly person.

For the second one, try to be positive. Maybe the person was in stress because of having too many exams or problems or anything that made he or she rarely smiles.

Set your mind to be a positive thinker..!!



senikehidupan said...

"O you who believe! Avoid much suspicion; indeed some suspicion is sin." (49:12)

It is clearly stated from the holy scripture that, we should always be optimist. People always put expectation on others just the way they observe on others behaviour. Why don't we judge ourselves instead thinking others don't we?

"Judge yourselves before you before you are been judged" insisted Umar Ibn Khattab.

Being optimist is a great thinker. Pessimist indeed, a dull thinker. They always view things negatively.


Way to go my friend!

mimosa pudica said...

Yeah, that's true..
Judge ourselves before judging others..
Then, correct ourselves before correcting others..

'Don't judge a book by its cover'-True!!
But, the cover is also important to avoid such suspicion.
So, ensure ourselves for not being the reason of the suspicion..

Yeah, also being optimist is a tranquility. Pessimist indeed is a disturbance..

Thanx for ur comments..!!

mimosa pudica said...

grammatical errors..
*optimism is a tranquility, pessimism is a disturbace..*

Is that right??
Please correct me if i'm wrong..

senikehidupan said...

yup its true. Ey friend, its ok.. No one would ever notice your grammatical error as long as your writing is conveyed clearly. And it goes to me as well. Just move on, don't be afraid. You write something, regardless of thinking others as if they are trying to observe all your words organization. Alright?


mimosa pudica said...

is it too obvious??

Anyway, thanx for ur support, friend..!!

sakura_heart said...

dak bio lab aku jht...
first time aku rase diorg ni ada sejahat tu...

senikehidupan said...

Bila nak update blog ni?

mimosa pudica said...

to sakura_heart:-
nape nie??
sian die..
jgn r cmtuh.. rilex2..

mimosa pudica said...

to senikehidupan:-

in da process..Insyaallah..