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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jordan -with Beloved Family- Part 4~


Day 5: Ajloon Castle, Jerash, Umm Qays.

Ajloon Castle

In front of the castle.

Five of us!~ 

The only thing that i read in the museum inside the castle. =p

Let's go to the next destination!


When we arrived here I got headache and mood swing. So I didn't follow the trip. My two siblings end up staying with me in the car as it's too hot to go out and they said if I don't want to enter then they also won't. -.-" So my parents enjoyed their time along with our tour guide.

With the poles...?? =p 

Enjoying their halal dating. =p

Umm Qays

Here, I think I took some pictures but i didn't find one. Sorry!

After that, we went shopping, having zurbian dish as our dinner and went back home! ^_^