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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trauma and Emergency Elective~ #3


Two of us are targeting to learn something from secondary triage cubicle. So we go there and tell the Medical Assistant that we want to tag with him. He is nice and friendly. *hope to learn some procedures shines brightly* Unfortunately, it's the time for him to change shift. -.-" But the medical assistant after him is also nice.

"Pandai ambil darah tak?"
"Tak pernah buat. Tapi nak belajar."


A patient is coming in. After he is taking simple patient's history, he asked us to prepare some drugs to be injected to relief the patient's feeling of nausea.

"Cari (maxolone)metochlopramide, ranitidine dengan.... *i forgot the last one*"
"Macamana nak prepare?"
"Ambil syringe bawah tu."
"Ooo.. Ok."

So both of us take out the three bottles of drugs and start to prepare. With some difficulties I managed to prepare for one drug. So I took another one while my friend (Zulaikha) tries to prepare one.

"Boleh? Eh.. Kenapa tak guna jarummm??"


Both of us look to each other and put on an embarrassed faces. Quickly we take the needles and easily aspirate the drugs from the bottle. Seriously.... -.-"

After the patient is out, both of us with red faces try to hold in our laughter out of embarrassment.

"Tak apa.. belajar.." he said without facing us like he knew we are embarrassed.


A man come in. He's having fever. So, the blood has to be withdrawn as dengue fever is suspected.

"Nak cuba ambil darah?"
"Ok. Ambil gloves, syringe dan jarum."

I try to find the vein to be poked on his left forearm. Starting with basmalah I poke. The result is... no blood is coming out. My eyes trying to get help from the MA. He smiles and takes the syringe with the needle that I have poked in to the patient and try to find the vein. He just moves the needle where he thinks there's vein and gotcha.. Blood is coming out. He sucks the blood using syringe and put it in a purple cap bottle.

I smiled and sighed.

"Cucuk ajee.." another comfort words given by him with a smile.

p/s: Post #4 belum tulissss... lama lah gap nih agaknya. haha.. =p