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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trauma and Emergency Elective~ #1


I'm observing the docs and nurses are trying to take blood sample from a febrile seizure child. While other students there tried to help by holding the patient so that the doc could do the canula I was just observing from side.

"Dik, tolong ambil mesin DXT.."

Err.. is she asking me? Of course. Coz others at that time have given their hands.
I was like, ok.. what's that? My eyes trying to get help from Zulaikha (my elective partner). But she also didn't know what's that. I put on a blurry face and look at the doc who asked me.

"Mesin apa?"
"Mesin DXT. Pergi sana. Tanya staff."
"Oh.. Ok.."

I ran to the place where the other med students were there.

"Em.. korang, mesin DST tu.. kat mana?"
"Ha? DST?" they put on their forehead folds.

One of them said, "Ohh.. mesin DXT.." and she took it and gave to me.
Ok fine.. It's actually the glucocheck thingy.. -.-"

A child came into emergency department having high fever. While they access him,

"Dik.. tolong ambil PCM."

Ok.. is it me againnn.. Now.. what's the PCM thingy?

I went asked a med student. She asked a staff where's the PCM.

"Nak tablet ke suppository?"
*sengih* Put on blurry face again.

The staff went to the place where the child is and asked. And they said they didn't need it anymore.


Ok. Itulah hari pertama elektif. Hari blurr dan balik awal. Sedikit down. Biasalah baru nak adapt. Need time.
Depa suka sangat pakai abbreviations. Haih laa..