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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Expectation vs Reality~


"There're two parallel lines. The above one I name it as expectation and the one below I name it as reality. Now, what's in between?"



"Hope? Nice. But for me it's not hope. It's disappointment.
Imagine. When you expect that your mark is 80 and the reality is you got 60, isn't that a disappointment?
The higher the expectation from the reality the bigger the space between means more disappointment.
So, to lessen the disappointment either you have to lower your expectation or make more effort to make the reality as expected.
It's the same with doctor patient relationship. When you tell the truth to your patient the expectation will be lower. So the disappointment will be less. This apply when the reality is we as a doctor can't fight with certain diseases.
Now, what if we got above the expectation? I name it as luck.
And, what if we got below the reality? I name it as depression.
See. So, for me it's not hope. It's disappointment."

[Why did i name the space hope? It's because i was thinking that expecting is hoping.]

Nah, saya tuliskan kembali kurang lebih apa yang saya dapat dari round dengan Dr. Rami Al-Azab. =)