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Friday, June 19, 2009

My Heart- When I was A Child..

Assalamu'alaikum wbt..

Alhamdulillah, the final exam for the second semester is over. The result..?? Just wait and see along with du'a. Meaning that i will be having a holiday for about 2 weeks. However, i'm sorry because this blog will not be updated starting from tomorrow till 28 June because i'm going to have a trip to Turkey..!! Hehe.. Please pray for our safety during the journey.

Hurmm.. Now, I want to write about our HEART. (coz i have been studying a lot -'banyak la sangat'- about our body structures and functions for the last final exam. hehe..)

It was about the age of six. I was participating in a competition. A running competition during the sports day of my kindergarten.
"Ready, get set... Freeettt..!!" the whistle was blown. I grasp the batton firmly in my right hand and started running as fast as i could. Once i reached at the point, I passed the batton to my friend cautiously. My task completed..!! Now, I had to believe in my friends' run that we would be the winners.

I was trying to stabilize my breathing and heart rate rhythm. And something came up to my mind. I put my hand on my chest to feel every beat of my heart.

'Hurm.. what does actually the heart look like? Why does the heart will beat very fast when i'm running? Does my heart look like a bulb of lamp clinging anywhere inside my neck? Ermm..(nodding) It could be. Because when i'm running it will beat my chest quickly-effect of my movement.'

Since then, I believed my heart is a bulb shaped and clinging just like a bulb of lamp above the ceiling of my grandmother's house. However, the shape of the heart in my mind changed when i heard someone said maybe our heart was in love shaped. Funny..??(kalau x klaka pon buat2 gelak jelaa..) Hehe..

That was the mind of a six-year-old child. Now, I realized that the heart is not like that. Not in the shape of bulb or love. Also it is not clinging. It is an organ created by The Almighty between lungs in the mediastinum area. It has many blood vessels surrounding and passing through it. It also has a very important task-pumping blood throughout the body. No heart equal to no life. Contraction and relaxation during pumping-this is why my heart is beating faster when i'm running. Not because its movement fro and back like a pendulum bob. Haha..

Heart has a very special creation. It doesn't need a nerve to initiate pumping . However, it still needs it for regulation of the heart beat rythm. It has it's own specialized cell to initiate pumping named SA node. The wave will travel to AV node and then to Bundle of His and lastly spread to the Purkinje fibres. Look, how The Almighty creates the heart. Very organized..!! (For more information about the heart, you can search the internet. I'm only telling you the basic one..Hehe..)

Actually, if we study and relate it with The Almighty it will be absolutely exhilarating. It will make us think and be very thankful. However, i admit that it will be quite tense during the exam especially because we have to memorize many things. And the tense will be more if it is a last minute study. Haha.. (kantoi..) So, why not we try to be more organized just as our heart is created..!! Maybe we can feel the actual feeling of studying..!!



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