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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If HE Wants Something to Happen...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

If HE wants something to happen, then it will happen..!!

Today, there was a Biology Lab class. I went to the university a little bit late as usual. About 15 minutes late. But it seems that i could arrive at the university on time. However, 'Gosh!!'. I forgot my lab coat.!! At that time, the bus had moved and i was in the bus!! Arghh!! i didn't know what i want to do. I became blurr for a while. If i didn't have the lab coat, meaning that i couldn't enter the class.. and it was something that i really hate..!! After had prepared for it, I couldn't enter the class only because of my carelessness. Then, after a few minutes, i remembered that i had met Maryam before i took the bus.

'Yeah.. Maybe i can call her..! Erk.., do i forget to bring my mobile phone along with me?? Haaaaaa...!!!' I didn't check whether there was my mobile phone in the bag or not. Blurr!! 'Wait, wait.. relax.. just check in ur beg. Hopefully it was there.. In the name of Allah, i opened my bag...and All praises for HIM!! It was there..!! With my shivering hand, i pressed the Maryam's number.

"Tuut.. Tuut.."

"Ha, Maryam.." (Forgot to give salam.. still in confusion)
"Dah naik bas ke?"

"Erk, dah jalan ke?"

"Boleh tolong tak? Lab coat kita tertinggal.."
"Ha..!! ye ke? Okay2"

When i arrived at the university I gave Maryam a second call.

"Macam mana?"

I forgot to ask her where was she at that time. When the lecturer had entered the lab, again for the third time, I called Maryam, asking where was she.

"Ha? ada dalam bas lagi?"
"Haah.. Tadi baru je jalan.."
"Erk.. ye ke?? Sorry..!!!!!!"
"Ermm tak pe tak pe.. Izzah masuk dulu.."
"Tak boleh pon.. Lab coat tak de.. Huhu.."

After calling Maryam, I decided to borrow a lab coat from any student that I met at that time.

"Miss, can I borrow your lab coat?"
'Blurr' "Sorry, I didn't understand."
"Err..this... Can I borrow it?" I pointed to the folded lab coat over her hand.
"Owh, can.."
"Can I have your number?"

"Okay, thank you. I'll call you.."

I entered the lab rushingly and did the quiz with my mind thinking of Maryam and Aida (friend who is always with Maryam). Fortunately, the quiz only has five objective questions and Alhamdulillah I managed to answer them. Thinking of Maryam and Aida, I decided to tell the lecturer that they were a little bit late. And the lecturer said "OK!!" Alhamdulillah..

After having the guilty feeling for quite a long minutes.. Really!! I felt a minute like an hour!! at last, the two of my friends entered the door of the lab. And at that time I really wanted to say Sorry..Sorry and Sorry...!!!!! And thank you..!! Really appreciate the two of you as my friends.. Insyaallah..

Moral: If Allah wants something to happen it will happen. You know what? The lab coat was actually on the place where i always put my things there if i want to bring it along with me. But, somehow I forgot it today..!! And i know there is HIS blessings behind all of this.

-I am more appreciative of my friends

-I made new friend which means I was building a new ukhuwwah
-I will become more responsible and careful next time.. Insyaallah..



Anonymous said...

Well narrated story ;)
Itulah asam garam duduk di perantauan kan?

mimosa pudica said...


oneQirsh- said...

izzah mmg mudah lupa (ha ha)

well, nothing is ever a coincidence in life as there's always a reason behind every single thing that happens :)

mimosa pudica said...

to oneqirsh:-

selalunye jarang lupe brg2 yg nak bawa..
yg selalu lemah nak igt adalah jalan..!!
mmg lemah r kat situ..
klu amik geog, abihlaa..
Tapi PMR ok je hakhak..

that's true..
there's always a reason for the coincidence in our life..

belas_kasihan16 said...

yup.. izzah salu lupe jln kat inyec..
da nk abes blaja kat stu bru igt..
huhu.. ijah2..
moge tak sesat kat just..

mimosa pudica said...

to belas_kasihan16:-
kat intec tuh coz ada org slalu teman..
so, x bg tumpuan sgt nak igt jln2 nih..heheh..
siapakah org itu??
haha..(jgn kembang eyh org atas..)

tapi, kat JUST nie,
selalu je sorg2..
so, akan memerhatikan jalan..
maka, igtlah daku akan jalan itu..
pernah je sesat.
n selalunya lps sesat,
mesti igt itu jln ke mana..