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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Was It Rude?? Hurm...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Long time no see right?? Huhu.. busy with my classes plus not in mood of writing before this..

It was in arabic class. I came on time on that day. Before this, I had once late for the class because of the bus which we called gonggok. Haha.. weird isn't it? It is not the arabic word. It is malay word which is the name of one species of worms, that is ulat gonggok. The name was given by the seniors becouse of the unique structure of that Germany made bus. Seriously it was really like that ulat gonggok. Right, continue to our main story. When I was late for that first time, Dr. Idtikhar was quite angry. I saw it through her face even though she didn't shout or scream or anything. Just that she gave us a warning for not coming late again. Okay2..we have to walk from the tibb building to handasah building which will take about 5-10 minutes. That is if we walk like we are having jogathon. If we walk with average, then maybe it will take about 15-20 minutes. Imagine how far and fast we have to jog..!! (penat sangat..!!) huhu.. However, I just try to have patience for it. Morever, this can strengthen our stamina through the whole first semester. Do not have to exercise anymore..haha..

Okay, we go to the main point in the story. That day, she was in her good mood. Maybe because all of us was on time. She started teaching about tafseer min soorah al an'am:152-153 in arabic. Some students understood shuaiy2(a little bit) and others were in blurrr..especially students who didn't have any basic in arabic. For the readers information, there was one student from america who even didn't know the huruf hija'iyyah and she is a muslim!! If I was not mistaken.. First, she and her friends who were also in blur didn't tell that they didn't understand. However, after about 10 to 20 minutes they started the drama.. huhu..

This drama may have been editted because of the technical problems..
Student: Dr., are we going to study the al-Qur'an in the whole class??
Dr.: This was just a little bit from it.
Student: We do not understand at all!! Can you give something easier as we are international students!!
Dr.: Ok2..You are Muslim right??
Student: Yeah!! But.......!
Dr.: Okay, if I teach about soorah al fatiha, is there anybody who does not know it?
Student: Yes, maybe this will be more easier..
After a few minutes learning and discussing al fatiha....
Student: Should we learn something like grammatical.. and all stuffs like that?? We even cannot read!! (She tried to read the words on board) Should we?? (buat muke nyampah)
Dr.: Then, how do you know al fatiha?
Student: I just read it by mouth!!
Dr.: Ok2..See me after the class..!!
Students(except malay students and a few arab students): (packing their bag and showing the mnympah face)

Was it rude? Maybe it was their culture to be like that. I mean straight to the point. If they do not understand, then they just raise their hands up. Not like the Malay culture. Very polite..!! Even if there is anything that is not understood, SOME malay students are timid to voice out.. Sometimes, I am like that too. huhu.. But I try to improve it by... maybe see the lecturers after the lectures.. My opinion, there is a polite way to voice out our not understanding. Not meaning that everytime we are not understand, we have to see the lecturers after the class. We can raise our hands up during the lectures but please speak or voice it out politely.

p/s: You know what? Many of JUST lecturers like the politeness of Malay students here!! Keep it up and improve it guys!!



Eric. said...


that's normal,dearie.

the first time we arrived here, we felt eveyrthing was different.

the people.

the language.

the food. (haha)

and everything; (oh,yea)

even the attitude.

..but, after several months, everything will seem to be like.. "oh-biasa-je-tu.." (:


and by the way,

salam ramadhan kareem.

p/s: bila lah akan berkesempatan untuk berjumpa dengan izzah..

mimosa pudica said...

Wah..dah lama kak nurul x memberi comment..huhu..

rasa mcm sume lain..
sume pelik..

sometimes rasa cam..
agak susah nak communicate coz
bile speak in eng pon..
ada yg x paham..
bile diorg ckp arab..
paham separuh2..
cmne tu..??
emmm ma'alesh..

Salam ramadhan karim gakss..
dah nak abih dah ramadhan..
dah sebln kat sini..
cepatnye masa berlalu..

p/s:huhu.. kak nurul taun brape ek?? mehla dtg umah kak piya n kak faez..ley jumpe..saya sewa umah skali dgn diorg.. huhu..

Eric. said...

ooo.. sama umah dengan kak piya and kak faez ke.. (:

akak tahun 2 baru.. (^_^)V *oh~i am still young.rite?* hihi

enshaALLAH..ada masa kite jumpa. solat hari raya nnt ke.. ngeh3. iftor mana2 ke..

p/s: ni email akak - senang2, email lah no. fon izzah kat akak ye..

Amazing Lala said...

haha..patutla dr tu masuk2 kelas aku je, terus ngaja surah al fatihah, dia kate takut dak arab lain xpaham..haha..

mimosa pudica said...

to eric:-

still young??

ooo tahun 2 rupenye..
sama dgn kak izzatulnadia n kak dila n kak athirah n kak mariah n... sape lagi ek?? ramai sgt.. ha.. izzah ibrahim skali en..??

huhu..solat raya katne??
igtkan kak nurul nak ajak iftor..
kak nurul dok kat sakan second year tu ke?? sama dgn kak izz??

Insyaallah, t saya email my num kat kak nurul eyh..

mimosa pudica said...

to amazing lala:-

laa.. ye ke..
btol la tuh..
ari nie die lambat msk kelas..
die kata die silap msk kelas..
pastu kitorg rmi2 kata..
"never mind.."
esp dak2 laki..
tapi ok sk8 la ari nie..
x de mcm seblom nie..
maybe die dah jumpe dak tu kot..
ok je tadi die dgn dak tu..

ikram-zidane said...

different culture and the way you were raised affects your judgments la mak ma.. and, perception limits your knowledge about certain somebody.

how do you justify that they're rude ? is it because you simply 'feel' or 'believe' that they are ? How are you certain or 'know' that they being rude is a truth..

kalau aku la, pragmatically, it works for them and it doesn't harm nobody, so they're not doing any wrongdoing la..

malaysians are not polite, they just tend to be simply pretentious...

mimosa pudica said...

to ikram-zidane:-

macam tu eyh??

Yeah, maybe you are right.
Different places will have different cultures. and maybe some people will think i was in a culture shock when i said that the student was rude.

But..just think for a minute. If we respect someone, should we do like that? I mean, should we speak with the quite high frequency? With the wrong words..?? Don't you think that they should be more polite? Don't you think that there is another way to speak politely? You said that it doesn't harm anybody?? It does. It hurts the lecturer..Just imagine if you are the lecturer..You will feel something....

About Malaysians..huhu.. pretentious eyh??
Sometimes, it is good to be pretentious right?? haha..
x dela..
bukan ke malaysians nie famous with politeness..??
x eyh??
tapi macam iye..
cume makin lama budi bahasa tu makin terhakis..
especially in the few of new generation..

ikram_zidane said...

aku tak tahu la nak sambung ape sebab aku bukan kat situ pun. and i can't really trust on your writtings cuz i'm afraid it might be biased on a certain level.

but when i say 'harm', im thinking, feelings being put aside ya know. sebab perasaan tu benda yg tak stabil and sangat2 la subjective.

malaysia famous ngan politeness ? funny la gak.. - malaysia is 3rd from last on the list, nicee... but yet again, how valid is social analysis, right ?

like i said, perception affects your judgments - maybe you grew up in an environment where your mom keeps telling you that malaysians are proud with our politeness.. therefore, you think that malaysian are polite.. but yet again, how valid is that ? ever lived in some other countries other than malaysia to make comparison of the 'politeness level' ?

sronok tol cuti awal.. muahaha.. leh raya kat mesia (saje nak sakitkan ati ko)..

mimosa pudica said...

to ikram-zidane:-

Hurmm pernah dgr gak pasal Malaysians nie the third rudest in the world. Tapi x pernah terbaca pon artikel kat website yg ko bg tu..huhu..

maybe i grew up in an environment where my mom keeps telling me that malaysians are proud with our politeness?? haha.. seingat akulaa.. x pernah kot my mom said that "Melayu nie, pnuh dgn ketatasusilaannya.." The usual sentence she will say is "Jaga Iman dan shakhsiah diri walau kat mana pon kita berada" that is what i remember.

I said malaysians are famous with politeness because I always heard in schools which many teachers or maybe org2 besar..will say "Melayu nie terkenal dgn ketatasusilaannya.." huhu.. Aku pon x taula betul atau x sama ada ayat yg agak selalu disebut2 tu betul atau x.. Just leave it like that. There is more important thing than discussing whether malaysians are polite or not. Don't you think so? Apa yg pnting, try to be polite sebab tu mmg tuntutan Islam kan..

I don't know why, but I just feel like you will ask me why I post this. My answer: Just to remind myself and maybe the readers..

sakit kan ati aku eyh?? sorrylaa.. tapi ko x berjaya pon.. hati aku Insyaallah sihat wal afiat lagi.. huhu..

ikram-zidane said...

mana ade 3rd rudest in the world.. ko ni.. 3rd from bottom of the list la.. suka betol la dia ni buat hasty general conclusion.. read, think, reread, and rethink dulu..

"I said malaysians are famous with politeness because I always heard in schools which many teachers or maybe org2 besar..will say "Melayu nie terkenal dgn ketatasusilaannya.." huhu.. Aku pon x taula betul atau x sama ada ayat yg agak selalu disebut2 tu betul atau x.."

Tu la pasal.. jangan la terima je apa yg orang len ckp. tu la maksudnyer perception. immediate recognition without any solid evidence or in state of being affected psychologically.

"There is more important thing than discussing whether malaysians are polite or not. Don't you think so? Apa yg pnting, try to be polite sebab tu mmg tuntutan Islam kan.."

hey.. your blog, write whatever the hell you want. Your motive is never my intention. btw, maryam pun ngan korang ke ?

mimosa pudica said...

to ikram-zidane:-

yela2.. 3rd from the bottom list..
eyh, tapi..
kan dlm artikel tu kata bombay is the rudest..
so, from the list,
we can conclude that..
Malaysians are the 3rd rudest..
nie klu ikut artikel tulaa..

hey.. your blog, write whatever the hell you want. Your motive is never my intention -i just prepare if you will ask. If not, then just ignore it..

yg pasal maryam tu..
haah dgn kitorg gakss..