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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's for Zulaikha+Kak Arina


Before you read my post this time, I would like to tell you that this post is just to answer the tags from Zulaikha and Kak Arina. So, If you hope to read something that will bring benefits, please go to another blog.. Thanx..!!
  1. hanisah
  2. iman
  3. kausar
  4. mardhiah
  5. naya
  6. nuha
  7. sarah
  8. solehah
  9. tnoe
  10. kak arina
Who is no.2 having relationship with?
I don't know..

If no.7 and no.10 be together, would it be a good thing?
Same answer with you Zul.. Totally not.. HARAM..

How about no.5 and 8?
Same answer with the above question

Where is number 1 studying?

Erk.. Ermmm.. Matriks.. Where?? Sorry, I forgot..

When was the last time you have chat with no.9?
Ermm Don't really remember.. But I think it's about 2-3months ago I chatted with her on the cbox at her blog.. =P

Is number 4 a single?

-Tagged by Zulaikha-

1. My friends are my family here.

2. I'm listening to sound of 'Sahab' (something that is used to pump water)

3. Maybe I should go to 'Taklimat Jeladah Jordan' now. I'll continue after this.

4. I love to sleep if i'm tired.

5. My plan this holiday is to travel around Jordan and then going to Syria.. Hehe..

6. I don't understand why do you still read this post.

7. I lost.. I don't know what i lost. Maybe nothing till this time.

8. People say 'Time is money'. No. I don't agree with this coz we cannot get back the time that we have wasted.

9. I'm missing someone..

10. Love means caring. Caring means sharing. Sharing means everything. Haha..

11. Somewhere on the earth, there is me typing this post.

12. I'm always searching for my soul.

13. Forever seems.. no idea.

14. I do not want to repeat year in my study!! Insyaallah.. Pray for me. Also for all my friends. I want to graduate together with them without repeating any year.

15. My mobile phone is black.

16. When i wake up in the morning, i take a glance at my phone watch.

17. I get annoyed if it is difficult for me to understand something.

18. Parties are... depends on my mood and the party's surroundings.

19. Today I've finished my last exam for the first semester, first year in JUST.

20. Tomorrow I'll watch movie or maybe go shopping. Depends on my mood.

21. I really want to fill my stomach.

22. I miss my family

23. What is your phone brand?

24. The last three digits of my number are 178

25. What does the second message in your inbox say?
~(Arabic language) -Orange-

26. Who was the last person you rang?

27. Who was your last missed call from?

28. What does the oldest message in your inbox say?
~"Sorry kacau.. Rinduler sbb tu bg msg nie.. Malunye.." -Ngah-

29. Who comes after J?

30. Go to your messages, see what the 10th message say?
~"We have added the free monthly 3 JOD to your Messaging balance; you will get the next free monthly messaging balance on 24-02-2009 if your line remains active" -Orange-

31. Who is your network provider?

32. How many messages are there in your inbox?

33. Who do you have on speed dial 3?

34. If you are using prepaid card, how much credits do they have?
~5 JOD

35. Who is the first person who comes after C?

36. What do you have as your main ringtone?
~Look into My Eyes by Outlandish

37. Pass this quiz to 10 people.
~Anyone who want to do it, just do it.

-Tagged by Kak Arina-

Finished with the tags. Hoping for no more tag after this.. Huhu..



arina said...

oh, you're done with my tag.

and it seems that this sentence is bothering me ..
Hoping for no more tag after this..

happy holiday ..
where are you going for this winter break?

mimosa pudica said...

Alamak, kak arina.. sorry3..
I didn't mean that..
Malas je nak menjawab tag2 nie.. Rasa mcm ada benda x selesai kalau x buat.. Haha.. kirenye klu ada org tag, mcm hutang kat org tu.. So, even malas macamna pon, kne paksa diri melaksanakan hutang tu.. hukhuk.. Sorry bangat!!

Insyaallah, i am going to travel around Jordan and Syria.. ^_~

arina said...

Izzah sayang, akak gurau2 je.
no heart feelings!

akak pn insyaALLAH nk g syria.
tp sblm tu kne kemas2 rumah baru dlu.
almaklumlah, br pndh.

selamat bercuti Izzah.

mimosa pudica said...

Waaa.. rumah baru..
Selamat berpindah n selamat bercuti..!! Hehe..